Posted by: amamasblog | January 28, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babe’s

Ryan isn’t really a “babe” anymore, but he still can say the funniest things.  Usually on Sunday’s he goes over to his grandparents house, and Joe (my husband) will pick him up later in the afternoon.  Today Joe said that Grandma told him that Ryan asked for more milk, and she asked him what the magic word is- most children at this point, would beam up at their grandma and say, “please.”  Our little monkey said, “Damn it.” 

As Joe and Ryan were cuddling before bed, I went in (after getting Cole to sleep) and hugged Ryan.  I asked him to tell me that he loves me, and he crinkled up his forehead, and squished his eyes together and mutters, “I love you, Mommy.”  Not exactly the tender bedtime moment I was after, but oh well- it made me laugh.  If he is already doing this at 3, I can only imagine what he will be doing when he is 13, and I ask him for a hug!

Cole is learning something new everyday.  Yesterday, as we were driving around in the car, doing errands he started to giggle and laugh.  He usually is very quiet in his car-seat, or he cries until he falls asleep, so we were wondering what was so funny back there.  He was laughing for a good ten minutes.  When we stopped the car to get out, I discovered he had pulled his socks off and was tickling his toes, and cracking himself up. 

Today he really started to clap.  We were singing a song with Ryan, and Cole just started clapping along.  Now if you clap, he’ll immediately start up.  Here are a couple pictures of him, showing off his new skills.

                                       47b7df09b3127cce8171439b172c00000055108ecs2jvw1c2.jpg                    47b7df09b3127cce81714391172600000035108ecs2jvw1c2.jpg



  1. LOL at “damn it!”
    and that’s too cute that cole was tickling his toes. how adorable. 🙂

  2. That’s hillarious!
    I wonder where he learned that! I can think of a few worse things to say 😉

  3. Sonja- hmmm I think Dad needs to watch his mouth… (actually I am SURE he learned it from me.) 😉 At least he didn’t say something worse.

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