Posted by: amamasblog | January 31, 2007

Arts & Crafts

Today Cole’s wonderful grandma and grandpa watched him for us, so Ryan and I could have our  special morning together. 

We had our “Mommy & Ryan” time at our local museum.  It offers a variety of arts & crafts every week, with a different theme.  We love going there- Ryan gets to paint, make a craft, play in a play house, and there is a big table that the teacher fills up with different items every week like, cornmeal, painted rice, noodles, and dry beans.  Today was Groundhog Day theme, so the table had potting soil in it, and there were lots of buried plastic worms.

Ryan made a groundhog puppet and painted a picture of a worm. He played in the dirt, and got to spread shaving cream around on a table.  He also got his first taste of finger painting, but he didn’t like all the paint on his hands and wanted to go wash them off. 

Ryan got to see a sea shell as well, on the science table.  I held it up to his ear, and told him he could hear the ocean.  Tonight he was walking around saying, “I hear the ocean.”  I’ll have to get him a sea shell the next time I am at the craft store, so he can hear the ocean whenever he wants.


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