Posted by: amamasblog | February 3, 2007

Monster Trucks & Snuggly Sweet Dreams

These two things don’t necessarily go together, but tonight they did for us.  Ryan’s Grandpa (my dad) called last night to tell us there was a monster truck show in a neighboring town tonight, and he thought Ryan would get a big kick out of it, since trucks are one of his favorite things.  So Joe went to Home Depot today and got a deluxe earphone headset to protect Ryan’s ears, and he was ready to go see Bigfoot!

My dad came and got Ryan about 7 pm, and they got home at 10.  Ryan had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about the trucks.  He was especially interested in the one that turned over, and “had lots of men come out to turn it back over.”  It was really nice Ryan and Grandpa had their first Saturday night out. 

Meanwhile, we have been having some major sleep issues with Cole; he has been having a really hard time going to sleep and staying asleep.  Right now, he doesn’t have his own room, so he has been sleeping in our room.  With big brother out on the town, I decided to try to see if I could nurse Cole to sleep and then put him to sleep in the crib, which is in Ryan’s room.  The first attempt failed, as Cole woke up the second I set him down in the crib.  I nursed him again in the glider, and then put him back in the crib.  He woke up and was fussy, but didn’t cry.  I kept patting him on the back, and held his hand while he groaned and moaned a bit, but after about 5 minutes he went to sleep, and has been blissfully sleeping ever since. This is the longest stretch he has been sleeping in quite a while- 4 hours now and counting. WOO HOO!

After a quick shower for Ryan, (to wash away the truck exaust smell) we decided to let Ryan fall asleep in our bed, so he wouldn’t wake up Cole.  I put him in his P.J’s, and snuggled with him for 10 minutes, until he drifted off to sleep.  It has been a long time since I have been able to snuggle with Ryan before bed, because I am always trying to put Cole to sleep, and I had almost forgotten how sweet it is.  He held my hand, and stroked my wrist, until he fell asleep.  I realized how much I miss that.  When you have more than one child, it is amazing how many things you take for granted that you used to be able to do with only one.  I am hoping that as Cole gets older, he will start to sleep better, and I’ll have more time to snuggle with Ryan, and then with Cole.

There is nothing like holding your sweet child in your arms, as they drift off to sleep.  They are so peaceful, and purely sweet.  This is one of the best parts of being a mother- when you can just be, with your children and soak up their essence.




  1. What a fun event for Ryan and a great thing for grandpa to take him to do. I know what you mean about missing snuggle time, sometimes I just want to hold her forever!

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