Posted by: amamasblog | February 11, 2007

Three-In-One Week

I lost three outfits for Cole this week.  No, I didn’t misplace them, they completely wore out. 

They were footed one-pieces, like this, which I really like.  


Cole seems to move around really well  in them, and since no socks seem to fit him right now, these were great, since they had the built in footies. 

One outfit was a blue print with dogs by Carter’s.  One of the toes in the foot gave out, and by the end of the day, Cole’s entire foot was sticking out of it.  The second one-piece was a gray Old Navy one, with a polo collar.  This was a hand me down from Ryan, and I guess it couldn’t take anymore crawling, because at the end of the day, there was a hole in the knee.  The last outfit, was also by Old Navy, and it was gray, blue, and yellow stripes, and Cole’s toe poked out of it today, and again by the end of the day, the entire foot was a hole.

So I went from having about six of these down to three.   I don’t think I’ll get any replacements, since they only seem to go up to 12 months, and all three of these outfits were 9 months.  Whoever said you can use baby clothes over and over again, didn’t account for active, growing, crawling, babies.  


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