Posted by: amamasblog | February 11, 2007

Weekend Review- Jazz Band and Chili

On Friday night, Ryan and I went to hear a Dixieland Jazz band at a local art gallery. My dad met us there for a while, and it was fun. 

There was a clarinet, a banjo, and a bass.  It took Ryan about half an hour to feel comfortable there, and then he was unstoppable.  He got out of his chair and was dancing up a storm.  He was clapping after the solos, and saying “yeah,” after the band was done playing a song.  We got to walk up to the instruments while the band was on break and look at them very closely.  There were a lot of older people there, who commented to me how much Ryan seemed to be enjoying himself, and several people asked me where he learned to dance so well, and how he learned to keep a beat to the music. 

Well, the dancing, I think you either know how to groove or you don’t, (I know he doesn’t get that from his father or myself), and as for keeping the beat, I have to credit his Music Together class. 

There was a refreshment table there with cookies and punch, and he got his first taste of punch, which he really liked. 

On Saturday night, my dad had my siblings, aunt, and cousins over for some homemade chili, and chili rellenos, which are always delicious.  Ryan immediately made a beeline for the toys and didn’t look up for an hour, until Grandpa asked if anyone wanted cheesecake.  Without missing a beat, Ryan jumped up and said, “I do!” and ran to the kitchen.

Cole was really fussy and wouldn’t let anyone hold him- except for me.  We were thinking he had seperation anxiety, but today he woke up with a nasty, hacking, cough, so he probably didn’t feel well and was getting sick.  Poor little guy.  He doesn’t have any other symptoms, so I hope this doesn’t develop into anything more serious.

Today, we got a few things organized and I went grocery shopping.  I actually planned out my own menu for the week, because I haven’t joined Relish yet, and I was too lazy to turn on the computer and do it, so I just made my own this week. 

Joe’s parents got some new recliners and asked us if we wanted their old ones, which we took.  They are La-Z-y Boys; one is navy blue and one is tan.  They are really comfortable.  We have them in our living room right now, and even though it is crowded in there, with all of the boys’ toys, these will be nice to sit on to read, and also when we eventually get a bigger house, they will be nice in a den or a rec-room. 🙂



  1. I am also hoping to get a bigger house. I just don’t know yet when it’ll happen.

    Have a great week!

  2. sounds like a fun time for ryan this weekend.
    sorry to hear cole is sick. hope he’s doing better soon.
    and those la-z-y boys sound great! i’ve always wanted one.

  3. Anotherdaywithme,
    Hi, and welcome to my blog. Thanks for leaving a comment, and I hope you have a great week too.

    Amy- the chairs are very comfy- took a nap on one w/ Cole. 🙂

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