Posted by: amamasblog | February 26, 2007

Academy Awards Fashion Review

I just read my friend’s Red Carpet Review on her blog, and thought it was a great idea.  So I decided to write my own. 

 Over the last few years, I have tried to follow fashion a bit more than I used to- I have no idea why- maybe I am living vicariously through people who actually have some thing to do after spending several thousand dollars on a dress, hair, and make-up.  Maybe I am just envious they really have someplace glamorous to go, other than to the grocery store or to the peditrician’s office. 

At any rate, here is my review of the outfits I liked, (in order) and didn’t like for the Academy Awards:


Gwyneth Paltrow: I love this dress on her- love her make-up, love her hair.  I think she does a fabulous job of showing that a mommy can be beautiful, glamorous, and sexy, without having to be rail, bones-sticking-out-thin.  Outstanding job- she gets my “best dressed” out of everyone vote.


1. Helen Mirren: She looks absolutely stunning! She looks classy, elegant, while being a bit flirty.  I think she did a great job with her dresses the entire award season.  Her dress is the gold standard!

2. Cate Blanchett: Va-Va-Voom!  I haven’t been a fan of her “futuristic” dresses, but she is nothing short of spectacular in this dress.  This is perfection for her!

3.  Reese Witherspoon: I think Reese always looks classy and elegant, and last year, she was my best dressed.  I didn’t really expect her to look bad, and she looked beautiful in this flowing dress, that highlighted her terrific figure. 

4.  Nicole Kidman: Nicole sizzles in the gown! She is beautiful in her striking red dress.  Normally, I do not like the shoulder bow/train, but it works for her on this dress, and her shoes are fab. as well.  If she had been any hotter, she would have burnt a hole through the red carpet!

5.  Kate Winslet: This is an outstanding dress on her, and I love that she is so outspoken about super thin models and actresses.  This is what a real woman, and mommies look like. She looks simply wonderful!

6. Rachel Weisz: Old Hollywood glamour seeps from this dress.  While I am not a huge fan of satin, Rachel is gorgeous in this classic, feminine gown, and carries it off without a hitch.


1. Penelope Cruz: Her hair and make-up were gorgeous, but she looks like a pink ostrich at best, or a peach feather duster at worse.  This look does not work for her.  Please, Penelope- no more feather dresses!


2. Jennifer Hudson: I hate to have her on this list, especially since she looked so pretty at every other award show this season- what happened here?  Who decided on this terrible tin-foil coat?  I also hate the pockets in the dress; I think they look sloppy.  There’s nothing “dreamy” about this look.

3. Cameron Diaz: This dress screams, “80’s!”  I hate the angled flaps across her chest- it looks like a bad bride’s maid dress. 

4.  Jada Pinkett Smith: Normally, JPS looks beautiful- I loved her sapphire blue dress from last year, but this golden yellow dress is awful on her.  It looks like an outline of a bustier, and does nothing for her figure.  The skirt looks too tight, and makes her look like she is going to have to walk funny.  This is a rare misstep from a beautiful woman, who usually looks flawless.

 5. Maggie Gyllenhaal: I just don’t “get” this look.  First of all, I don’t like the black detailing.  I love the deep, rich, navy blue color of this dress, but the black material and strap seems to make it too harsh, and aghh! more feathers at the bottom of the dress!  (seriously, are these actresses going to go dust something in the theatre?) 

6. Jennifer Lopez:  I realize I am probably in the minority on this one.  I think J-Lo looks great- except for her dress.  I think it looks way to matronly on her, and drab.  She has a terrific, normal figure, and yet this dress does nothing to show it off.  It looks like a jeweled sheet- she could do so much better.

What do you think?  Do you agree with my choices?  Feel free to comment on my picks, and your best / worst dressed.  Can hardly wait until next year.



  1. i didn’t watch it. i didn’t even realize it was on. LOL but i checked out the links to the pics you supplied and i tend to agree with your review. there sure were some gorgeous gowns!

  2. I watched the Avalanche game and Battlestar Gallactica….but see? I didn’t need to watch bc now I know all the good parts from readign your blog! 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Awseome article, I am a big believer in leaving comments on blogs to help the blog writers know that theyve added something useful to the world wide web!

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