Posted by: amamasblog | March 2, 2007

New Pajamas!

I am so thrilled!  I have been needing / wanting a new pair of nursing PJ’s.  The ones I have now are pretty ghetto and don’t even match.  The top is a nursing maternity and the bottoms are just a pair of lounge pants.  Since the top is maternity, I get all this extra material wrapped around me at night and I hate it.  I don’t wear nightgowns, because I don’t like the material wrapping around my legs. 

I know I could just wear an old shirt or something, but I hate getting cold at night, and love the nursing pajamas with the slit openings, so I don’t have to lift up my entire shirt and get my back cold. We keep our bedroom pretty cool, so it is not fun to have to flip the covers of your top half, and pull your shirt up to nurse.

So, I have been eyeing a lovely pair of non-maternity nursing pajamas from Expressiva Nursing, for about a month now.  I have to say that I LOVE the clothes from them.  I invested in a few tops when I was still working when I was nursing Ryan.  They can be a bit expensive when not on sale, but they are worth every dime.  They are quality made and look stylish and trendy, without screaming to the world, “Nursing Top!” 

Anyway, they have an adorable pair that I loved, but they are (gulp) $54!  That is a lot for me to justify to spend on PJ’s.  But a few weeks ago, they marked them down to $49- still too much.  Then on a fluke, I looked up their name on e-bay a few days ago- I was looking for a good deal on some nursing tops for my sister, when she has to go back to work, and they had THE pair of the PJ’s I loved, in my size, both the top and the bottom, listed as a buy it now- get this- sit down- you aren’t going to believe this- for $7.99!  No, that isn’t a typo- $7.99!  I paid $7.99 for both pieces, and $6.95 for shipping for a grand total of $14.94! I couldn’t even get a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt from Old Navy for that.  The only thing the listing said is that they had some complaints about the black tie ribbon leaving a mark on the waist from the dye, but it will wash out.

I received them today, and sure enough, there was a really small black smudge- I would have not even noticed it, if I hadn’t been aware of it.  I washed them and the smudge came out. They are super soft and I absolutely love them!  It is nice to be able to get something special for yourself every now and then, while saving money at the same time.  Here is a picture of them;  🙂


In case you want to try their nursing clothes, keep an eye on e-bay.  Every few months they will list their close-outs, or irregulars at really good prices.  They also run sales from their regular website, and if you can buy during the “off” season, you can save a bundle. 

Happy nursing, and sweet dreams!



  1. What a fantastic deal!! They look so comfy and so classy 🙂

  2. wow, those are very cute and what a great price! i love it when i find a good deal like that.

    i never thought about nursing pjs. i should try to find some. my pjs consist of an old t-shirt and pj bottoms, but it would be nice not to hike my shirt up every time i need to nurse (which is quite often still).

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