Posted by: amamasblog | March 12, 2007

Meeting Great-Grandma

We went over to my dad’s house for dinner on Saturday night, mainly because my grandmother- Ryan & Cole’s great-grandmother- is visiting from out of town for a few weeks.  She is the only great-grandmother the boys have, so she is VERY special. 

She had never met Cole, so it was nice for her to be able to see him.  Unfortunately, he was a total mama’s boy all night and only wanted me to hold him.  Grandma did get to hold him for about 5 seconds, before he started crying, at least she got to hold him.

My dad bought an out-door fire pit, and had a fire in it, under his covered patio.  It was raining, so Ryan bundled up with his older cousin under some blankets and watched the fire, and then they got down to the business of roasting marshmallows.

I was inside the entire night with Cole, but I heard from Joe that his cousin, (who is 13), would roast her marshmallows, catch it on fire, yell, “AHH!”, and then blow out the fire on her marshmallows. 

Ryan watched a few times and then proceeded to do exactly the same thing, including the “AHH,” yell.  Here is a picture of Ryan his cousin took, with his marshmallow success (he is pretty proud of himself.)


It was great to see, and have Cole meet Grandma.  We are planning a trip to her place this summer-she has a beach house on some water, so it will be wonderful to see her then, and have her be able to spend some time with Ryan and Cole.



  1. Sounds like a really special night 🙂

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