Posted by: amamasblog | April 10, 2007

Pictures of My New Niece

I got the “OK” from my sister, to post some pictures of Maelin, so without further adieu, here are some pictures of the little sweetie:

      maelin-004-copy.jpg                           maelin-023-copy.jpg

These two pictures I took when I went to visit in the hospital on April 6th (her B-day) Maelin was approximately 11 hours old in these.


Maelin’s mommy took this picture on Sunday- the day she went home from the hospital- so she is two days old here.

 My sister and her husband are doing well, as new parents, and are adjusting to a new person in their lives.  My sister said, Maelin sleeps really well during the day, but has been awake during the night, but once she does go to sleep, she has been sleeping for 6 hours or so.  All and all they are adjusting well.

There are lots of family and friends who live near by, who are bringing home-cooked meals every other night, and I know my sister is very grateful for that!  Her husband is off work for two weeks, and they are enjoying this time at home- what I like to call on their Babymoon!

My sister might come up to my town on Thursday for a visit, but if she doesn’t I am sure we will go visit her this week- Ryan has yet to meet his new cousin, and Maelin’s aunt is getting restless, wanting to hold her again.  🙂



  1. awww. what a little beauty.
    glad to hear they are adjusting well to becoming a family of 3. those first days/weeks pass so quickly.

  2. Awwww! I always forget how small and scrunchie the start out! She’s beautiful! You must be so proud! Do you think she looks like either of your boys at all?

  3. Feedingtime-
    At the hospital, my sister held her up from the side, and I thought her profile looked a lot like Cole’s!

  4. Too cool! I feel unbeleivably connected to my neice and I think part of it is that she has enough of Quinn’s features to remind me of Quinn. It’s an odd thing to describe – but I didn’t realize how connected I felt to my own kids until I could recognize parts of them in another baby. I’m not particularly clsoe to my SIL or BIL so it feels odd to be this drawn to their child! I hope you guys are visiting and getting acquainted today 🙂

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