Posted by: amamasblog | April 12, 2007

Small Miracles and other Triumphs

Everything in the universe must be aligned right today, because in addition to Maelin finally starting to nurse, I had two other triumphs today.

The first one was after dinner, I was cleaning up, and Joe was on the computer trying to do some car research (no, we still haven’t bought a replacement car yet), and Cole kept crawling in the kitchen, tugging on my leg.  I just wanted to clean up quickly, so I carried Cole into the living room, and asked Ryan to play nicely with Cole.  I went back to the kitchen, and after a few minutes, I realized I hadn’t heard any crying, screaming, whining, or, “Mommy, Cole is bugging me-make him STOP!”

I popped my head around the corner, and Ryan and Cole were at their play kitchen, with Ryan showing Cole how the oven door opened, the sink worked, and giving him play pots and pans to hold.  Cole was delighted his brother was playing with him!   I about fainted.  I called Joe over, and we both stood there in awe for a few moments watching our two little boys, actually being brothers, and enjoying each other. 

I would have gladly settled for just that one, but I guess the “God of Small Miracles” was smiling on me today!  After having 10 1/2 months of sleep issues with Cole, I was nursing him to sleep tonight, like I always do, and after about five minutes, he started squirming and trying to roll over like he does when he is in his crib.  Normally, when I place him in his crib, he squirms, and usually fusses for a while, and I have to pat him on the back, and hold his hand until he finally falls asleep.  So with him squirming in my arms, I wondered what would happen if I put him in his crib?  I had to find out!

I set him down in the crib, still awake, he rolled over, and WENT TO SLEEP!  No crying, fussing, or screaming, or having me pat him to sleep.  I am not so naive to think this will be the norm now, but I’ll take it when I can. 

These small triumphs are like little gifts- after months and months, of doing the same thing over and over and over, and saying the same things, over and over, and over, it is like something has clicked and makes me realize my boys are responding to what I tell them and what I do for them.  It is like a paycheck- a paycheck in mothering, that all your efforts are starting to pay off.  I see a glimpse of the future in these moments, and it helps me to gear up for another day, which no doubt will have plenty of crying, screaming, whining, and, “Mommy, Cole is bugging me-make him STOP,” but until then, I’ll savor these small miracles.



  1. what sweet, sweet rewards! 🙂

  2. Too cool!! That is major that Cole rolled over and went to sleep on his own! Any chance this is going the be a habit? 😉 And what a milestone to have the boys play together. I think it took Simon an entire year ro realize that Quinn was a *person* and not just pain sent to torture him ;). Sounds like a good day 🙂

  3. Feedingtime-

    I am keeping my fingers crossed, but ever since this post (except for one night) he has been pretty much going to sleep when I set him down in the crib. Sometimes he is more asleep than other times, but I am hoping that this is indeed a new habit. 🙂

  4. How awesome 😀

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