Posted by: amamasblog | May 8, 2007

More Ryanism’s

A few funny things Ryan has said recently:

The other morning as we were all getting up, Cole decided he wanted to nurse.  I started to nurse him, and Ryan started laughing and said, “Coley is having breakfast in bed!”

Since we live near a railroad track, and Ryan loves the trains, we have started to tell him that he is never to walk on the railroad tracks- that they are only for trains, not people.  Yesterday at breakfast, he was singing, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” and then he stopped singing half-way through the song.  He asked, “Mommy, if the tracks are only for trains, then how do the men work on the railroad?  Why am I singing this song?”  I told him that grown men were specially trained to work on the railroad tracks, and that is when they started singing the song, but the railroad tracks are not for little boys!

Lately when he has been going to bed, Cole is already sleeping.  In order not to wake him up, we have told Ryan to whisper, and or talk softly.  So now he has this really funny “gremlin” voice, where it is part whispering and part goblin voice.  He talks in this voice all through getting his pj’s on, brushing his teeth, and his stories.

Finally, Ryan’s grandma and grandpa take him to McDonald’s occasionally for french fries, (don’t we all love their fries?) but he calls McDonald’s, Mick-O-Donnels.  He says it so cute, and today I asked him what pants he wanted to wear, and he said, (without missing a beat), “My Mick-O-Donnels pants.”  I assume he meant his sweatpants, (maybe he is on the to the expandable waistband?)

He sure keeps me laughing.  🙂



  1. this had me and jody rolling. so funny and smart! 🙂
    “Mommy, if the tracks are only for trains, then how do the men work on the railroad? Why am I singing this song?”

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