Posted by: amamasblog | May 8, 2007

Scooter Ridin’

About 3 months ago, Joe tried to teach Ryan how to ride a scooter.  There was a little boy who lived across the street from us, with his mother and grandmother, and Joe always helped them out with moving things, fixing things, and blowing up the boy’s bike tires with his air pump.  In return, they brought over a Batman scooter for Ryan.

Ryan was not that interested in it, although he would sit down on it and pretend it was a motorcycle.  Last week, I was hanging up some laundry outside, and Ryan got on the scooter, and just started going!  He was talking to himself saying, ‘Put my foot on, and push with the other foot,’ like he was repeating the directions from Dad. 

Well, he mastered it!  Now we have a little scooter rider in the back yard all the time.   Here are a few pictures of Ryan’s newly developed skill.

pictures-051copy.jpg  pictures-053c.jpg  pictures-052c.jpg

Last night we went on a walk on a walking trail, and brought the scooter along.  Ryan was really eager to try it, but alas, tragedy struck.  The first time he got on it, there was an incline, and we weren’t fast enough to stop him, and he fell.  He didn’t get hurt, but he got scared.  So he only wanted to ride the scooter across the bridges (which are about 30 feet), and then he wanted Dad to carry him. 

We must have looked hilarious- I was pushing Cole in the stroller, and Joe had Ryan on his shoulders, carrying a Batman scooter! 

Can’t wait until Ryan is old enough to start riding a bike.  🙂


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