Posted by: amamasblog | May 11, 2007

I Love A Good Deal

I went to a pre-consignment sale last night, thanks to a pass from one of my friends.  It had 300 consignors and over 20,000 items!  I found a lot of summer clothes for Ryan and Cole, some toys, and I was able to get my sister a couple items she still needed too. 

Today she came up for a visit, and we ended up going back to the sale, mainly because I saw a tuxedo last night in Ryan’s size.  He is going to be the ring bearer at my older brother’s wedding in July, and it seemed perfect for him, but wanted to make sure it fit before I bought it.

Well, we found it- it was still there.  I stripped Ryan down to his undies, and then put on the pants, buttoned the shirt, and buttoned the jacket (it has a cummerbund, but it was sewn to the jacket, and I didn’t want to break the seam), and it fit perfectly!  If I had set out to find him a tux. at this sale, I know it wouldn’t have happened, but he looked just like a little man in it!  He looked awfully cute, if I may say so.  I’ll post a picture soon of him in his tux!

My sister sat down to nurse in a corner, and the most unusual item caught my eye.  It was a hand made bulletin board, with seven little chalk boards with each day of the week written in French.  It is really pretty, and I just really liked it.  It didn’t strike me as something even a child would use- it is so big.  I don’t even know what to call it- an information center?

Our calendar doesn’t have much space to write all our activities down, and sometimes it just becomes a jumbled mess.  So I liked the idea of writing down what each person has going on each day of the week, and the bulletin board is HUGE!  I can tack things up there I need to take care of for the week, invitations that need R.S.V.P’s too, my to-do-lists-, grocery lists, and of course pictures of the boys.  With some gentle persuasion from my sister, I am now the new owner.

 I am going to give the chalk boards a good cleaning with water, and then polish the wood, and then have Joe hang it up for me, but here is a picture of it:


It is 46 inches tall and 36 inches wide, and even came with chalk.  It cost a whopping $29- a great deal I think, considering small cork boards at Target are about $20. 

Grand total I spent was under $100 for all the clothes, the tuxedo, toys, and the information center.  Not to bad- now if I can just stay away on Monday, because that is the last day and everything that is left is half price.  🙂



  1. OMG! I can’t wait to see that tux! Sounds like a really good time shopping 🙂 Ooooo. I hadn’t realized Monday was half price. This might be trouble 😉

  2. great deals! i’d love to see ryan in the tux. and what a cool board. 🙂

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