Posted by: amamasblog | May 16, 2007

I Just Couldn’t Stay Away

 I ended up going back to the consignment sale on Monday for the last day, where almost everything was 50% off.  (If a seller didn’t want to reduce the price, they marked the tag with a star, and then you knew the item wasn’t reduced.)

I got a few more shirts for Ryan, and a couple more rompers for Cole which ended up being $1 each- can’t beat that.  I also found a little Baby Bjorn Potty for Cole that I had been wanting to get for him, for some time.  I am hoping I can start potty training earlier with him, and these little potty’s are supposed to be pretty good.  He has already started sitting on it.  When I was checking out, an older lady saw it and said, “Oh, what a cute fire man hat.”  It was upside down at the time, and kind of looked like one.  I smiled to myself, and then her grown daughter said, “No mom- that’s not a hat- it’s a potty seat.”  We all started laughing- it was pretty cute.

I think it is funny how excited I am on finding a good deal on boy’s shirts, shorts, and underwear.  I remember the days, when I used to get that excited on finding something for me!

I got a few rompers for my neice as well.  My sister said she didn’t have very many and now that it is getting hotter, she really wished she had a few more.  They have been putting her in dresses, but they creep up, so the rompers are nice.  I ended up getting 7 really cute ones- for $8!

Finally, as I was leaving, Cole needed to nurse, so I went back to the corner of the building where my sister nursed Maelin the other day.  There was a table and chairs back there, and I noticed there was a little chair and ottoman from IKEA.  I LOVE IKEA, and wished we had one in our state.  My other sister has one near her, and we always go there and find great stuff when I visit.  Anyway, this chair was there the other day, and Ryan wanted it then.  He looked so cute sitting on it, and he does need a new chair for himself. 

It was pretty dirty and kind of beat up, and after seeing how Ryan climbed around on it, I can only imagine how many other kids had been jumping around on it all weekend.  BUT, it was 50% off, and I looked and saw that the covers could be taken off and washed, and I know IKEA makes good, quality furniture so I was sold. 

When the covers were in the wash, I cleaned up the wood, removed the crayon marks, and polished it.  I was happy with how it turned out, and the best part is Ryan just LOVES it.  He is having a ball sitting on his “grown up chair,” and even wanted to take his nap on it. He grabbed one of Joe’s woodworking magazines yesterday, after I put the cover back on, and he got to sit in if for the first time.  Of course, here are some pictures:




The chair ended up being $15, and I think it has already paid for itself.  Ryan says, “I’m a hard working man,” before he flops down in it now to relax and read his magazine.  🙂 



  1. Ryan is sooooooo cute! Don’t you love how much he wants to be a “big” boy??? How fun…it makes me excited for Maelin to reach that stage!

  2. wow – more great finds! nice job. 🙂 that’s so cute about ryan and the chair.
    i had thought about going back yesterday but i think the kids are set on clothes now and i really didn’t need to spend any more money, so i’m glad i stayed away. 😉

  3. p.s. leno was LAME. he didn’t even talk about ricki’s movie. i’m disappointed.

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