Posted by: amamasblog | June 5, 2007

Let’s Eat Cake!

This weekend concluded a series of birthday celebrations with family and friends, for Cole turning one, on May 22nd. 

I have lots of pictures now to share of him enjoying his cakes and parties.  The first set of pictures is from the BBQ at my dad’s house a few weeks ago:

  559540928206_0_alb.jpg 947627728206_0_bg.jpg 635150928206_0_alb.jpg 235150928206_0_alb.jpg

The next batch of photos is from when we went to Joe’s parent’s house for cake:

pictures-077-copy.jpg pictures-084-copy.jpg 

    pictures-075.jpg pictures-081.jpg

Last but not least, we had a birthday party this weekend at a park, with a friend whose son, also just turned one- eight days after Cole.  We had a lot of mutual friends come from our parenting group.  Both birthday boys must of had a great time, because when it came time for their cake, they were BOTH fast asleep in their daddy’s arms.

We were going to have the brothers blow out the candles (this friend also has another son, just two months older than Ryan, so both our boys are very close in age), on their cakes, but it was rather windy, and we couldn’t get the candles lit, so they just pretended to blow out the candles.  Here is the final picture of Cole from yesterday, which probably sums up how he feeling about all this birthday stuff!  🙂




  1. That is one happy cake eating boy! He is so cute and I am continually floored at how grown up he looks 🙂

  2. how fun!! he sure does like his cake.

    that last pic of him sleeping on daddy is just. so. sweet. 🙂

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