Posted by: amamasblog | June 8, 2007

Fun Day

The boys and I had a fun day today.  The weather was very nice, so I packed a picnic lunch and we went on a 3 mile walk by a park and a lake. 

Ryan was SO excited to go- picnics are one of his favorite things right now.  He helped me make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and made sure I cut the crusts off his.  🙂  He reminded me to bring some bunny crackers (Annie’s white cheddar crackers), and to bring lots of apples.

Yesterday I found a really neat popsicle mold at Bed Bath & Beyond.  It holds 4 popsicles, but there is a little built in straw in each one, so when the popsicle starts to melt- as it always does with a three-year old, instead of it dripping down his arms, and legs, he can suck the juice out of the popsicle holder with the straw.  Before we left for the picnic / walk, we made a batch of popsicles with strawberry-lemonade.

After we got done eating, we walked over to a pond, and Ryan had a blast throwing rocks in, and Cole did great, standing up, holding the stroller, and watching his big brother.  When it was time to go, I put Cole back in the stroller, and we chased Ryan.  Cole *loved* it. He was laughing and shrieking with delight.  As we were walking back, Ryan started singing a song from a book we have, “The Train They Call the City of New Orleans,” at the top of his lungs.  Everyone we passed by on the trail back, smiled at him. 

When we got home, Cole had crashed out, and I was able to move him from his car seat to the floor in the living room, and he stayed asleep. First time that has ever happened.  I cleaned up our stuff, and then moved Cole to his crib, and got Ryan down for a nap.

I had a massage therapy appointment this afternoon, so I went to that, as soon as Joe got home.  Then he had one, so I made the boys dinner, and then Joe got home. 

I am dismayed to discover that I have a very stubborn milk blister that seemed to get worse this afternoon.  I have had it for two weeks now, and can’t get it to go away.  It hurt a lot and was starting to swell, so after dinner, I soaked it with some Epsom salt, and pumped.

Cole saw me pumping and got ‘jealous’ of the breast pump.  He kept trying to pull it away, and then he started crying-little monkey!  I ended up just nursing him more- baby is usually more effective than a pump anyway- and he seemed happy to get some extra nursing time in.  I am going to have to be more diligent on soaking and pumping / nursing this blister, and will probably go see the doctor next week if it doesn’t clear up.  I had a BAD case of mastitis in January, and don’t want to another case. 

Ryan came in from outside, and we broke open a popsicle.  He looked like he had never had anything quite so good before.  He started licking his lips, and he savored every lick. He really wanted to use the straw, but kept running off to play.  Finally, before bed, enough of the juice melted and he got to use the straw.  He said, “that is really neat, mommy.”

Tomorrow morning, I am off to a free skin cancer check, a local dermatologist is having.  I haven’t been to a dermatologitst in about 2 years, and have a few freckles that have been changing, and need to get them looked at.  I hope I like a doctor there, and can find a new dermatologist I can see more regularly.

Then we are going to look at a few houses,  and see if they look as nice inside as they do from the outside…:-)

We don’t have anything planned so far, for Sunday, so hopefully we will just be able to get a few things done around the house, play, and relax. 



  1. Do you guys want to come down sometime next week and we can picnic in Wash Park together? Let me know if that would work!

  2. sounds like a great time and what cool Popsicle makers.
    i hope your milk blister is doing better soon.

  3. How’s the milk blister? I ended up popping my last one with a sewing needle. I’m not that patient 😉

    Sounds like a lovely day! Sy loves picnics too.

    Hope you’re weekend was just as good as this day 🙂

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