Posted by: amamasblog | June 11, 2007

Cole Walks!

It is official- my little sweet baby boy, is now a toddler!  He has been flirting with walking, for about a month now, and was getting really good at doing a ‘Spiderman’ scale of the walls.  He would hold on to every wall and walk sideways.

Today I was sitting on the living room floor, folding diapers, and he was playing on a toy about six steps away from me, when he got off the toy, and just started walking to me, totally unassisted and unprompted!  He was 1 year and 20 days.

I hugged him, and he looked so pleased with himself.  We tried a few more times, and he did it every time.  Then Ryan wanted to get into the act, so I had Ryan stand about 5 steps away, and hold out his arms.  He kept saying to Cole, “Come to brother, come to brother.”  It was sweet.  He was excited as Cole was to see him do something new.

I videotaped it, and took a few pictures, but as soon as Cole saw the camera, he just dropped down and started crawling over to me- he *has* to check out the electronic equipment.

So my baby is really growing up.  Surprisingly, I didn’t even get sad or sentimental.  I am just excited he is learning this next milestone.  Of course, as I think about it, I do get a little sad- this could be the last time I ever have a child take their first steps, and my baby days could be over.  I enjoy my children in every stage they are in, but I also love the baby stage. 

I was very thankful and grateful that I was there to see *both* my boys take their first steps. It is kind of magical to see them put all those skills and coordination together, and take those first steps.  Plus, the look of joy and accomplishment in their little faces- I will remember those looks for the rest of my life- even if I didn’t get a picture- it is etched in my mind and my heart.

Here are two pictures I did manage to get, when Cole decided to walk with his toy hammer.  The second shot, I caught as he was taking a step, but he decided he had enough, and was going to sit down.




  1. Woo hoo! Go Cole!! I love that he just did it – no prompting or coaching. And I love that Ryan was into it too. How fun! There must be something in the air bc my SIL emailed me to tell me my niece (5/11) walked yesterday too 🙂

  2. cute pics! congrats to coley! 🙂

  3. Yay Coley! I’m so proud of him! Give him a kiss for me!

  4. YAY COLE! How exciting! My Baby is walking now too, and it’s sad to me that he’s not really “Baby” anymore.

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