Posted by: amamasblog | June 16, 2007

Oh, The Irony-Breastfeeding in Public-UPDATE!

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  1. It’s interesting the response I’ve been getting about this story. Most people that I’ve talked to think that she should have “covered up.” Of course, those people are childless: they’ve never needed to feed their baby in public, so they don’t understand. However, people who have children were horrified and planned to talk to the management the next time they were at Elitches.

    I guess if it doesn’t affect you, you don’t worry about it…

    Would love to see more public nursing spots in malls, (had to feed baby in the Cherry Creek Mall bathroom today but at least there was a chair there…), restaurants and parks but we’ll take what we can get…

  2. Here it is a year later. I think Elitches is a great place to watch people, and that’s why I went last year. To catch sight of a busy breast would have been okay too. I was responding to the question “what should she do? or something to that effect, when I said that maybe she could be more discrete. My response was so moderate that I am surprised it appeared on the news. Discrete doesn’t have to mean covering with a stifling hot blanket, and I think that the only people who’d be concerned at the appearance of a rogue breast would be teenaged boys, and higher status women, who might be concerned that some elements in our society may lure their husbands away from them…

    Of course the teenaged boys would be more curious than angry. The rest of us might be a bit concerned to see societal norms changing, but that’s about it. Babies need their nutrition, after all, and there’s no place better for that than Mama.

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