Posted by: amamasblog | June 17, 2007

Another Reason to Keep Nursing

If you need another reason, or extra motivation to keep nursing, and giving your baby the BEST nutrition possible, you can add safety to the list.

A family of a NEWBORN claims they found wood chips in three cans of her Nestle Good Start Supreme infant formula.  Nice huh?  So far, the baby seems to be okay, but her mother is sifting the formula, and the people at Nestle say they haven’t gotten any more complaints. 

I can’t believe that the mother has to sift the formula to make it safe to give to her daughter!  I think the very least Nestle could do, would be to offer her a refund (so she could buy another brand), or personally deliver new cans of formula for the baby! 

It is not my place to judge or question why this baby is on formula- there are a lot of individual and personal circumstances for formula feeding, but it is scary when foreign objects that could hurt a baby are found in formula.  A family with a new baby has a lot of things to worry about, and to adjust to.  Worrying that her formula may be contaminated and unsafe shouldn’t be one of them.


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