Posted by: amamasblog | June 18, 2007

The Cousins

Last week, we went to my sister-in-law’s town, about 50 miles away for a visit.  She has three children (ages 10, 8, & 6), who obviously are Ryan and Cole’s cousins.

Ryan adores his older cousins.  He was so excited to go see “the cousins,” as he calls them.  We had plans to go make tie-die shirts, at a small craft shop, a few miles away from my SIL’s house.

It was really fun- I actually learned how to make three different patterns.  I helped Ryan with his shirt, and made one for Cole too.  He sat in his stroller the entire time, looking out the door, eating crackers, and watching the cars go by.  It only took about half an hour for us to make 5 shirts,(with no mess to clean up-benefit of doing a project like this at a craft studio), and they turned out great, if I do say so myself.

On Saturday, “the cousins,” came up to Joe’s parents house for the weekend, and Ryan played his little heart out.  He had so much fun, he is completely and utterly exhausted, but I think he had the best few days ever. 

His 8-year-old-cousin (a boy), had an air powered rocket blaster, that you could pump up with air, and then a rocket would shoot up in the air.  Ryan played with that constantly.  He begged us to go to the grocery store and get one for him.  He calls it the “rocket ship.”  If only our yard was bigger, I would have something that would occupy him for probably 6 hours at a time. But the rocket shoots so high up, it would be on the roof, or about 3 yards over, with the first launch.  We are considering getting him one though, to keep at his grandparents house, that he can play with when he is over there.  Talk about a 3-year old boy heaven!

Cole was even interested in the rocket, and would try to pump the pump.  As soon as Ryan saw him doing that, he said, “No Cole, this is the big boy toy.”  He was so proud of himself that he could operate this rocket, like his older cousin!

Sunday, they went swimming with Joe, and their uncle, and Ryan’s aunt (the cousins mom) bought Ryan his first squirt gun, so he could join in the water gun fights.  I think Dad had more fun playing with it though- 🙂  Ryan got to spend the night last night with everyone at Grandma’s.

Finally tonight, before “the cousins” left, we got some pictures of everyone in their tie-dye shirts.  It didn’t occur to me to get one of Cole and Ryan together, and Cole would barely stay still longer than a second, so I feel fortunate to have gotten two shots, with everyone in them.  Here are some pictures- (you can double click on them to see them bigger)

pictures-063.jpg Ryan getting ready to dye his shirt

pictures-066.jpg Cole goofing around w/ a funny pair of glasses at his cousins’ house

pictures-067.jpg As we got ready to go, it started pouring rain.  Ryan’s cousin had just given him this raincoat, boots, and umbrella.  Perfect timing- they had to go out and play in the rain

pictures-071.jpg Cole in his tie-dye shirt pictures-072.jpg

pictures-073.jpg A group shot of Ryan with his cousins (I wasn’t sure how their mother would feel about having their pictures on the blog, so I blacked out their faces, but at least you can see the colorful shirts.)

The cousins return back up to Grandma’s in mid-July for another weekend. I am sure Ryan will be counting down the weeks. 



  1. wow – those shirts turned out great! i’d love to learn how to do the different patterns. cute pics. 🙂

  2. Those shirts are great! Sounds like a fun time! cousins are the best 🙂

  3. Looks like fun! Your boys are so cute 🙂

  4. […] The pool where the lessons are held, is an indoor one- I figured that would be better for the first time, than having Ryan get cold if the weather was cool at an outdoor one.  We started on Monday, and he was really tired, from having spent Sunday night with his cousins.  […]

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