Posted by: amamasblog | June 30, 2007

Attachment Parenting 2007 Auction- Now Open!

I belong to a local Attachment Parenting group, which operates under the national organization, Attachment Parenting International, or API for short. 

API is trying to raise funds so they can accomplish three goals, which are: (1) Fund API’s General Operation Budget, (2) Complete Website Renovation, and (3) Develop the “Eight  Principals of AP” Parent Education Curriculum.

One of the ways they are trying to raise funds is by an online auction, which started on June 29th, and will end on July 21st.

I donated three items from my on-line shop, Little Pumpkin Sweet Pea Designs: a baby onesie, a toddler T-shirt, and a woman’s T-shirt. 

I am very proud that one of my friend’s creations from her shop, Attached At The Hip, a breastfeeding advocacy T-shirt, is the current item in the auction with the highest bid!You can also donate ANY item or product you have, by clicking here, and then scrolling down the page, to the DONATE icon. 

If you have an item from your business, or just want to donate some household items for API, it doesn’t have to be an “AP” item.  When you donate, you can add a link to your website or business, which has the potential to be seen by 4,500 AP supporters.  That number will grow, as the supporters will forward the auction link to their friends, and family.

Even if you don’t have anything to donate, check out the auction, and check back often- there are some great items already listed, like a Moby Wrap Sling, Blue Man concert tickets, Bravado Nursing Bras, and The No Cry Solution parenting books by Elizabeth Pantley, just to name a few!

Attachment Parenting promotes “Peaceful Parenting for a Peaceful World,” and assists parents in building secure attachments with their children. It is a great parenting resource so if you can, please help them out. 

Thanks!  🙂


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