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The “Big” Wedding

As promised, here is my post (and pictures- I had so many neat ones turn out, it was hard to decide, but these are the ones I like) on my brother’s wedding. 

Ryan woke up on Thursday (the wedding day) and was very excited.  He jumped on our bed and said, “Today is the Big Wedding!” 

We had about a 50 mile drive to the wedding site, and left at 2, to get there at 3.  It was another hot day, so we decided to just wear our normal clothes and then change at the place.

We arrived at the venue just after 3, and Joe and I quickly got the boys changed, and then Joe and I changed.  We had about an hour to kill, so Joe kept the boys occupied, while I checked in with my sister, M., who was the matron of honor, and K. the bride.  Everyone was doing really well, and K. was one of the calmest, cool, and collected brides I have ever seen.  She was in her room, looking at her dress in the mirror, twirling around in it, just as relaxed as could be. 

I remember how stressed I was, right before my walk down the aisle, and I think it was great she was able to have some fun.  She looked absolutely stunning, and gorgeous.  I was going back and forth between her space and where my brother was hanging out, and I couldn’t help myself- I told him how beautiful K. looked, and he said he was getting really excited to see her.

After I was dressed, we took this picture of me with my two sisters (you can click on any of these pictures to see them larger):


Left to right, is M (matron of honor), (the middle sister- and third born), V. (the youngest sister, and “baby” of the family), and me- (the oldest sister, and second born).

I went back downstairs and saw Ryan dancing around the dance floor.  I got a few pictures, but they turned out pretty blurry, but got this one of Cole, checking out the chairs:


Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding to start.  There was a driveway to walk down, on to a sandstone patio area which overlooked the valley below.  I stayed back, in order to help Ryan if needed, and Joe stayed with Cole.  I was able to get these pictures of the party on their way down:

pictures-045-bw-blog.jpg             pictures-046-bw-blog.jpg

The second picture is of Ryan, with his two-second cousins.  (I love this picture- it is my favorite of all the ones I took!)

Once they were off, I had to basically climb down to the patio over some rocks, and boulders,- otherwise I would be walking down the aisle, before the bride- not good.  Ryan was supposed to walk next to his second cousin, who was a flower girl, but I found out later from K., that he walked completely alone and by himself down the aisle and did great.  He did just what he was supposed to do!  I guess the practicing came in handy.

After I climbed down the rock embankment, without twisting an ankle, I walked up the side and was able to sit in the front row, next to my mother.  I got lots of nice pictures of the wedding party, and of Ryan.  Here is one that captures basically what a 3.5 year-old-boy would be doing during a wedding ceremony (playing with the ribbon on his pillow):


The ceremony was wonderful, and my brother totally broke down with tears, when he saw K.  I knew she looked wonderful.  The ceremony was short and sweet, about 15 minutes.  It was hot, but there was a breeze, and I was amazed that Ryan stood up there, the entire time- he was such a good boy!  Here is a picture of my brother, and new sister-in-law:


While we were waiting for the photographer to get some pictures set up, my sister’s friend took this picture of my three siblings and I:


So obviously the new face is that of my oldest and only brother, J.  He has always been a wonderful brother, and I am so happy for him and K.  I cried during the ceremony, and reception after seeing how happy they are.  I am so glad my brother finally found someone he can share his life with. 

So after we all dried our eyes, and ate a delicious dinner, it was time to dance!  It was so fun, but the biggest surprise of all was Ryan.  He started dancing, and had no fear.  He was doing summersaults, dancing with older girls, his cousins, dancing for the videographer, photographer, and spinning on the floor like a break dancer.  I have no idea where he picked up all these dance moves, but be busted them out! 

Joe and I were both stunned- where did our shy little boy go, who would barely even talk to a new person?  He was talking up a storm to almost everyone he met, and he had just the best time- I dare say the best night ever in his short life. 

The next morning Joe called him John Travolta Jr., and almost a week later, he’ll drop to the ground and do a dance “move” and say “this is one of my tricks.”  He told my dad today that he was “born to boogie.”  Who knew? We are going to get a copy of the videographer;s DVD of the wedding, so we can have Ryan’s dancing debut forever.

My sister’s friend, “snuck” some extra chocolate covered strawberries for Ryan, and he loved those along with some cake:


Joe was wonderful- he held Cole for me the entire night so I could enjoy the party.  Cole fell asleep around 8:30, so he sat with him in the foyer, and laid him on a couch.  About 9:45, I joined them, while Ryan was still dancing, and running around with his second cousins.  My dad kept an eye out on him, but he was unstoppable.  I know I am getting old, when my 3.5 old son can out party me!

Much to Ryan’s dismay, at 10 pm, we decided it was time to go.  I got one more dance in with Ryan: (this picture is from earlier in the night- he looks so sad, because he didn’t want me to pick him up- I was cramping his style!)


The boys fell asleep in the car before we left the parking lot.  It was a wonderful wedding, and everything was so pretty, beautiful, and thought-out.  Sometimes weddings aren’t like that, but K.’s family was terrific and everyone just had so much fun.  This one was one of the best weddings I have ever been to.

K., and everyone who helped her, did such a fantastic job- it is an honor to have her as a new sister, and I am very thankful to her, for making my brother so happy.  Thanks for including us, and Ryan in your special day- we all had a blast!

The rest of the weekend was busy, with us visiting relatives in from out of town, but all in all it was beautiful.  It was the best of what families can be.



  1. Oh man does Ryan look cute in his suit! Sounds like a fun wedding 🙂 Your brother looks a lot like you. Oh – and you look fantastic!

  2. Yay John Travolta Jr! Ryan couldn’t have been cuter…I got many comments that night that he “stole the show.” I agree with Nicole…you looked great!

  3. looks like a wonderful wedding! love all the pics. your dress was beautiful and you look great! fun to see your siblings too. and ryan – what a cutie. LOL at all the dancing. “born to boogie” – that should be your next design on your CP store! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the compliments guys…I really did love the dress I wore, and I just felt “pretty” in it. 🙂 Amy, I wrote that down for a new CP design- just haven’t had time to add it yet.

  5. Thanks for the great comments Heather! The whole ‘wedding week’ was so much fun that both Kat and I are a bit sad that it is over, the more fun you have the harder it is when it is over. While the wedding was great, I really couldnt have asked for it to go better than it did, what I really will take with me is how much love both Kat and I felt from everyone, especially from our families. It was just so nice to have an entire week with family both out of town and nearby and get to spend so much quality time with everyone. Thank you for letting Ryan be the ring bearer, he was SO awesome, we just love him to death. he definitely was the star of the recption! Thanks again to you, Joe, Ryan and Cole for being a part of such a special time for me.


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