Posted by: amamasblog | July 17, 2007

Curly Q Cole

Thanks for the inquires on Cole- after taking him to an urgent care center on Sunday (after he seemed worse on Sunday morning), he miraculously got better as soon as we left.  Figures.  Anyway, he was checked for an ear infection, and strep throat, and both were negative.  The doctor said he probably had another virus, and there were a lot of them going around- in fact she had seen several babies Cole’s age all weekend with similar symptoms.

Today he was back to his old self for the most part, and after his bath tonight, I tried to get his hair to stay in a little curl mohawk.  It did okay, until Ryan came up messed up his hair, saying, “I don’t like Coley’s hair like that!”  He started to cry- who knew Cole’s hair was such a big deal, although I suspect it wasn’t that he didn’t like Cole’s hair, as much as he didn’t like the attention we were giving Cole.  Here are some pictures of Cole’s curly hair, as he ate his snack:

pictures-027-blog.jpg                    pictures-028-blog.jpg

In other news, I am working on the second quarter books for my very part-time job, and since that original post the job has changed, to me doing all of it at home, so that is nice, but I have to work at night, when the boys are asleep.  So between that, swim lessons, and getting ready for the birthday party for my father-in-law this week, I probably won’t have too much time for blogging this week.  But I’ll be back…. 🙂



  1. I love his hair, those curls are just adorable!

    I am glad he’s feeling better and back to his regular self, there is nothing worse than a sick baby.

  2. Cute curls 🙂

    Yep, you sound busy. Don’t work too hard! 🙂

  3. glad he’s doing so much better. and love those curls! i am often guilty of trying to get julian’s hair into a mohawk while it’s wet. i think it looks so cute that way.
    i agree, don’t work too hard. 😉

  4. I’m glad he’s feeling better and his hair is adorable! Keep the curls as long as you can and I think it’s sweet the way Ryan keeps noticing whenever something is different…

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