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Car Family Stickers

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  1. OK, this was hilarious! I have noticed those stickers EVERYWHERE too and always laugh.
    However, I will say that with my first daughter I did buy the Baby on Board sign. I know, I know, sounds crazy but I have to say…I still like it. I dunno, I guess I appreciate seeing them in other cars not because I wanted to know if they had a kid on board but because it reminds me to slow down and drive carefully. That’s the only reason I bought it, hoping others would do the same. Maybe I’m the only one but at least I admitted it! 🙂 Now, the Garfield stuffed animal I definately passed on.
    Oh, and one more thing for the record. I’m a minivan owner/driver who loves her van…but all be damned if you ever see me scrapbooking or making arts and crafts! LOL. More like filing the digital photos in an unorganized manner on my laptop and laughing sarcastically at my pig sty of a house while nursing one babe and watching the other run naked around the house while peeing and pooping on the carpet (her, not me). Yep, I’m THAT kind of minivan driver. Oh, and I’m vegetarian. And atheist. Oh yeah, and a homebirther 🙂
    xoxo and keep on posting these great thoughts!

  2. apparently i’m living under a rock, because i haven’t seen these stickers yet. (i know i’m jinxing myself now and will see them everywhere.) but i’m LMAO at the ass family sticker. i want one! 😉

  3. I’m glad you guys get my humor, and thanks for the comments-

    Leighsteele, you do have a good point that the BOB signs at least make you stop and think! LOL on the minivan driver that you are- you rock!!!

    Amy, I have also seen the Ass family with Wise, & Cute- 🙂

  4. Too funny! No, I have not seen this sticker phenomenon in my town yet, which is actually quite surprising. I am going to be on the lookout now though because maybe I have just missed it.

  5. LOL! I’ve never seen those before either!

    What happens if you get one and then the dog dies!?

  6. Feedingtime: I guess you’d have to put a big, black X through the dog, or cut the end of the sticker off?!! 🙂

  7. I have been searching the web looking for just the right “Family Stickers”. I am a mom of 4, 3 being teenagers and they think it is hilarious, but I haven’t found one that I was comfortable with. Mainly because I think the ones with just the pictures (without names) looked unfinished, but I would never put my kids names under a sticker. Plus I don’t want to put a last name like “The Jones” because I don’t want people to know our last name. So I found “The Ass Family” and we like Jack, Bossy, Bad, Smart, Wise, and Kiss. These names actually go with someone in the family. I know that people behind us don’t care who is in our SUV, but it’s just like every other person who puts bumper stickers on their cars for us to see. They put them there because they are trying to make a point that we may or may not agree with. So what is the difference?

  8. is it possible that there are still some people left that are proud to be part of a family? I guess you could say the same thing about anything that represents your identity and things that are important to you. why do any of us do what we do? I’m sure everyone who reads this or has responded represents themselves in one way or another with something. some are accepted and others are looked at as different and weird if it’s not something we would do. I do think your take on the topic is funny it made me think about whether I care if your truck is a 4×4 or if that kid pissing on the red sox logo means you’re a Yankees fan and if you really understand the true meaning of the tribal art work displayed across the top of your windshield. So long story short, Live and let live. With acceptance there is peace. Think about it.

  9. I think the little stick people are cute! They have a Facebook application that has the exact same graphics so you can have a virtual car sticker as well. Woo hoo!

    I’m totally buying the Ass Family Car Sticker for my car. Now that is comedy right there.

  10. I am the mother of seven children and I am proud of every one, and love the little sticker people. I am thinking about getting it, if only to give the driver behind a heart attack (I mean everyone we meet has one) or maybe spark some communication such as “maybe it’s the team he coaches) I mean, with the high divorce rate and everything, any communication is good…right! I look on it as helping the community!!

  11. Soooooo glad to see your blog entry! I was looking on the web today specifically for rants about those ridiculous stickers. I also was hoping someone had caught on and come out with way to generate sticker s for a totally dysfunctional family…. you know, maybe with one kid throwing a rock through a window or the father figure with a big beer belly or something. Or worse (use your imagination). Anyway, the Ass Family comes pretty close! Thanks for that!

  12. I am against these family stickers because of the lack of privacy. People who have these stickers are giving strangers the names of their children, often times their own last name too! In the day and age in which we live, we need to be protecting our children from strangers, not inviting them to take advantage of them.

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  14. I have always enjoyed a good bumper sticker. The family stickers can be fun. I drive a Mercedes and pick my daughter up at school every day. She is 14 and very preppy (?) so I got one of those sticker with her in overalls and holding a pitch fork. All her friends ask her if she uses the fork to pick up horse/cow POOP! She laughted so hard. I don’t think she’s quite so snooty anymore.

  15. As your comments were funny, they also sounded a bit on the bitter side. Are you a mom and why do you care enough to blog and start a movement about stickers??
    I just ordered a brand new mini van and I plan on ordering stickers that look like my family. The whole name thing a little weird but I am proud of my family and that I have a great life. I guess that is “suberbia” so be it. I mean if they annoy then ignore.

  16. I love my family and am very ‘proud’ of my 6 kids. I would love to have the sticker family on the back of our suburban. For three reasons really, 1. it is always surprising the reaction you get from a big family, 2. I hope people will drive just a little safer knowing there are a lot of kids in the car, and 3. if anything did go wrong, I want the first person on the scene to be looking for ALL 8 of us.
    A negative reason to get one… I’d have to clean the back of the suburban every hundred miles just so it could be seen.

  17. I am as cynical and sarcastic as the next mid thirties female, but geesh…lighten up. People like to express themselves and show off their kids. What is the harm? Maybe it’s not a very hip or stylish way to decorate a car, but to each is own. Ease up on the snarkiness.

  18. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m totally getting one with a dad holding his secretary’s hand and a housewife standing next to the kids who are punching eachother and a dog with a pile of feces under him!

  19. I agree with the people that talked about being proud of their family. I’ve had so much go on in my life since I had my first daughter. I was in a car accident 5 minutes from my house and it was my husband’s car, and I kept thinking what if she was in the car with me? I would like other drivers to know how many children I have or the fact that I have children because I’ve been in two car accidents without my kids and I hate tailgators. Now, I don’t think they need to know our names and that does cost extra money. For the person who started this conversation on stickers, like the one mom said “if they annoy then ignore” and I like how the mom of 3 put that. I don’t like it that people blast their car radios down our street when my infant is sleeping, but I’m not going to start a rave about that because it’s all over the world.

  20. I made a cool sticker for my dysfunctional family too. I just put it on a front window at the house though. Not the car. I got it at

  21. I have always enjolyed the stickers…feet, flip flops, etc., etc. Although I have not yet owned one. I am a grandfather who has just recently adopted his three oldest step-grandchildren. At 53 I am raising little ones for the first time. I am also a stay at home Dad…a Mr. Mom. Soon to be getting the dreaded mini van. When we get the van I will be putting the stickers in the wondow. I am proud of my new family. We are very unorthodox in makeup, but a nuclear ( “new” clear) family nonetheless. I will put our last names just because it helps to reinforce the fact that WE ARE A FAMILY. No first names, for safety’s sake. I am not completley clueless. But I will have the stickers because I like them.

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  23. The stick figures are lame. So are the bumper stickers about your kids’ mediocre scholastic accomplishments. You are turning them into cult objects around which parents try to out-do each other. You have made it all about you and that’s just bad parenting.

    Be proud, sure. Since when did that mean telling strangers about your family or its business? Oh, and strangers don’t care. Believe me.

    Have a little class and keep your family business at home.

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