Posted by: amamasblog | August 2, 2007

Drinking Beer

A few days after my father in law’s 80th birthday party, Ryan and Cole were in our pantry playing.  They like to pull everything off the bottom shelves, and then put all the items back on the shelf.  Needless to say, I don’t have very organized bottom pantry shelves, but they have fun. 

There were so many drinks left over, that Joe’s parents gave us some beer to take home, and a few “mini” cans of Coke.  We hardly ever drink Coke, but every now and then, if we are watching a movie, it goes well with the popcorn.  These “mini” cans are 8oz., and obviously just the perfect size for little guys!

I was loading the dishwasher, when I heard Ryan and Cole laughing from the pantry.  No words, just giggles.  That usually isn’t a good sign when you have young children.  Before I could go check on them (they had shut the pantry door almost all the way), I heard Ryan say,

“We’re drinking beer.” 

I ran over the pantry, ( I knew that giggling wasn’t a good sign), and open the door- this is what I saw:

pictures-064-blog.jpg             pictures-066-blog.jpg

My little goofs were pretending to drink the cans of Coke, and Ryan must have heard people talking about drinking beer at the party, because Joe and I don’t drink beer at home, when Ryan is awake. 

They sat in the pantry for half an hour, with Ryan saying every few minutes, “Drink your beer, Coley,” and “Mommy, this is good beer!”

I love the second picture of Cole- he was just having the best time playing with Ryan.  Now, if they were 10 years older, this situation would not be humorous at all, and I doubt they would be “pretend” drinking from a can of Coke. 

Ahhh…the innocence of childhood.  🙂



  1. that is the cutest thing i’ve seen in a while!
    i love that cole is having such a good time w/ his brother and i love ryan saying “drink your beer, coley.” too funny! 🙂

  2. Yay for Ryan and Cole enjoying beer so much! I knew they were my nephews! 🙂

  3. That is too funny! Great pix too – they will laugh over them when they are older. Little boys are just so cute.

  4. […] wrote a few weeks ago about their Drinking “Beer” game and they started playing that again.  But this time the 3.5 year-old took it a step further […]

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