Posted by: amamasblog | August 21, 2007

Here We Go Again

Last night, Joe *had* to go to see the pro. baseball team in our state’s game- his boss bought tickets for their entire team at work.  

No big deal- I was happy Joe got to go do something fun and get a break, even if it was work related.

He hadn’t been gone more than ten minutes, when Cole started crying.  I thought he was hungry, and I was making dinner, so I gave him a mini graham cracker to tie him over.  He also started drinking a lot of water- which I contributed to him being hot from playing outside- it was in the upper 90’s!

A few moments after he ate his snack, he threw up.  He seemed better so he ate a little bit of dinner, but then couldn’t keep it down.  Ryan saw him getting ready to up-chuck, and ran out of the kitchen saying, “Yuck, I don’t want to smell that- I’m getting out of here!”

I couldn’t blame him.  On top of that I promised Ryan I would take him to a new McDonald’s that just opened with a brand new play area.  He kept asking me, while I was cleaning up after Cole, who was crying and clinging to me, when we were going to “Mc-O-Donald’s,” as he calls it. 

Try explaining to a 3.5 year old why you can’t take him to a playground when his brother is sick.  He had every possible reason why we could go, which is good he is thinking through situations, but not really what I wanted to hear at the moment. 

He was finally resigned to not going, but an hour later, Cole seemed back to normal.  He had rosy cheeks again, was running around and playing, and seemed fine.  So I decided to risk it and take them to play.

Ryan wanted to play first and then get some ice cream, and they both had fun, and there was a smaller kid area that Cole loved.  He seemed fine.  After 45-minutes, we got some ice cream, and I didn’t really want Cole to have any, but again try telling a 15 month old he can’t have any ice cream when his brother is having some.  He seemed contented to have very small bites and he didn’t eat more than 2 tablespoons.

As we were leaving, I was holding Cole and the tray, and he started to dribble.  I was praying he wouldn’t up-chuck all over me in the restaurant.  He didn’t there, but when we got home, the second we were in the house, we were in for another round.

At this point I knew he has some type of bug.  I gave both boys a bath, and Cole seemed happy as a clam.  I told Ryan he could watch a Barney DVD, while I put Cole to sleep.  As I was lifting Cole up, round 4 started.  Of course this time it was all over the carpet as well. 

So I cleaned up Cole, and then cleaned up the carpet and finally got Cole to sleep, without nursing much.  He still nurses to sleep, but I obviously didn’t want him to do that, since he couldn’t keep anything down.  He nursed a few minutes, and did manage to keep the milk down.

He woke up at 3, hungry so I gave him a little water, and he kept that down, so I gave him a little toast, and he kept that down as well. We got back to sleep at 5, and then we were up at 7, when Ryan woke up.

Cole did fine all morning.  He wasn’t that interested in eating but he did eat some banana and little dry cereal.  I thought he was better, but at 11, he threw up everything again.  URG!

I hope this doesn’t keep up. He has never vomited this long before- he is taking a nap and seems to be keeping breastmilk down, so I know he won’t get dehydrated and maybe it will satisfy his tummy a little.  Thank goodness for nursing- I don’t know what I would be doing if he wasn’t nursing, since he can’t keep water down.

I hope this isn’t another long, drawn out virus.  Hopefully he just has a stomach bug and he’ll be better soon.  I am participating in a local kid’s item consignment sale this weekend, and have over 100 items to still finish putting tags on before tomorrow.  We’ll see if I make it.  🙂



  1. I just stumbled up on this blog entry and had to comment. How old is your baby? when my son was 17 months he got very sick while i was visiting my parents, across the country, away from the pediatrician. He threw up everything, including my milk, but it was the only thing that comforted him and so when we went to the ER I just let him suckle on me for the 4 hour stretch that we were there. He threw up every so often the curdled milk (I was drenched!) but he never needed on IV or was dehydrated at all.
    I felt like the nursing really saved us that night. He got better by morning, but it took him a day or two to get back to eating regular food. He nursed for 2 days straight and lost a little weight, but boy did my supply bump up!
    They gave him a suppository in the ER that was supposed to stop the vomiting, and a few months later I got a letter from my health insurance company telling me to discard any leftover suppositories that I may have left. They have been shown to be completely ineffective at stopping the vomiting. When I read that, I realized that the slow drip of my milk was what kept my son hydrated and let his body pass the bug on its own.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks, EG & welcome to my blog- Cole is 15 months. He just threw up a bunch more breastmilk, but then wanted to nurse right away and didn’t throw up, so I am guessing even if he can keep a little down, that should help with him not getting dehydrated.

    Sorry about your bad experience in the ER- it seems like sometimes the ER Dr.’s have no idea about babies. Glad your son was ok in the end.

  3. oh heather, i’m so sorry to hear coley is sick again. i hope it passes quickly and you can get your stuff done for the sale (and catch up on some sleep). hugs to ya, mama.

  4. Oh man, you can’t seem to catch a break! I hope your winter is virus free after having to deal with these illnesses all summer. I hope Cole get better quickly!

  5. Oh no!!! I’m sorry you’ve got sickos again!! (((HUGS))) to you!

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