Posted by: amamasblog | August 27, 2007

A New Phase

We are finally all healthy again!  Joe got the “crud” on Friday afternoon after he got home from work, and was sick until Sunday.  It was a rough weekend, because the boys wanted to play with their daddy, and they couldn’t.

On Friday night my in-laws and I took the boys to an end of summer festival on our Main Street.  The boys had a terrific time, and I did too!  There were some bouncy castles, a big bubble tower that blew tons of bubbles out- they boys had fun trying to catch them.  There was also a mini-train ride that Ryan rode three times, and once I managed to squeeze my self into one of the cars, and hold Cole on my lap.  He thought he was quite the big boy.  He kept waving to Grandpa, and was quite proud of himself.

The big surprise was a local dance studio was having some performances of their dancers- girls from probably about age 10 to age 17, and Ryan loved watching them!  He wanted to keep going back and see the dancers.  One set they did had a boy dancing too, who was probably about 11 or 12, and Ryan kept asking when the boy was going to come back and dance.  Cole was jamming out, bopping to the music in his stroller.  I think I have two little dancers on my hands.

On Sunday I went shopping with Cole for about 4 hours for some new clothes.  He did so unbelievably well.  I don’t think he has ever had a day since he has been born where he didn’t cry / fuss at least once.  Yesterday he didn’t!  He sat in his stroller, waving at people, babbling, and playing with his toys.  I had about 10 people stop me and tell me what a cute little baby I had.  In the dressing rooms, he just looked at himself in the mirror, “hung” the clothes back on the hangers for me, and just had fun.  He was like the poster child of a perfectly happy, contented baby.  So we had a fabulous afternoon. 

We are entering into a new phase with Ryan though.  He has suddenly decided that he is the boss, and throws fits now when he doesn’t get his way.  Saturday night, we had a bad episode, where he was in a fit, and he actually slapped my face.  I was stunned- I can’t believe my sweet little boy did this.  When you get hit in the face, my first reaction is to hit back.  I felt my hand go up, but I stopped, and just put him in his bed.  I told him he is never, never, to hit me.  He cried and cried, and about twenty minutes later he came out of his room and apologized.  I told him he hurt me very, very, much.  He said he was sorry again, and Joe took him back to his room to talk to him. 

It will be interesting to see what happens during the next fit.  I can put up with a lot, but having my son hit me, is not one of them!



  1. Wow, I’m really impressed you didn’t hit him back! Way to go…the first impulse is usually to do what was done to you (and we certinally would have gotten hit back!), so that’s great.

    I remember when I was nannying once, the little 3 year old hauled off and kicked me really hard in my (bad) knee when he got mad at me. I was SO incredibly mad (and hurting!) that I picked him up (rather rough, I admit) and took him upstairs and THREW him on his bed. Later, I found out I had accidently hurt his wrist.

    He was totally fine, but I was shaken up. I had no idea how quickly a big person could accidently hurt a little person and I promised myself then that that would never happen again.

    Again, kudos for the way you handled it! I hope if Maelin ever hits me (god help her!), I do the same thing!

  2. I’ve been planning a blog entry on this….I need to get on it. Needless to say, BTDT, plus. And it IS hard not to hit back. I’m proud of you for not doing it! But this is totally normal for this age group and sooner or later you can read about my struggles 🙂

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