Posted by: amamasblog | September 2, 2007

Social Weekend

On Friday night, I met up with my very good friend, Mary, We used to work together, and now she is an RN and lives about 40 miles away.  I wish we could say we are great staying in touch, but we are both so busy, we don’t get together as often as we like, but when we do, it is like we pick right up from where we left off, from the last time we talked.  I have two sisters, but Mary feels like my “third” sister. 

We met for dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant- we sat outside on the patio and it was just a lovely evening.   At one point the wind started up, and it looked like it was going to rain, and there was no room inside the restaurant for us to be reseated, but it never did rain.  We got to visit for about three hours, and when I arrived home, just past the boys’ bedtime, I expected to find Joe trying to put one or both boys to sleep.  Instead, he was watching TV, and there were no little boys in sight.  He got them both down, and they were soundfully sleeping.   

On Saturday night, my dad and step-mom generously treated my sister, my two teen-age cousins, and myself to a musical-The Little Mermaid, produced by Disney (of course) and it was wonderful! 

I really didn’t expect too much, but it had everything-good story, exceptional singing- wonderful characters, excellent music, awesome dancing (there is even a tap dance number in it- I love tap dancing, and it doesn’t seem like you see very much of it any more), and very touching song lyrics and dialogue.  This was different from The Little Mermaid movie, allthough they “borrowed” parts from the movie.  There was a lot of added dialogue that frankly made it more “adult” and less for kids.  There was a scene at the end, where Ariel’s father, King Titian, talks about loving your children and how you love them so much you can’t let them go, but because you do love them, you have to let them go.  It was so moving- there wasn’t a dry eye in the place, especially among the parents! 

Of course they had all of classic songs from the movie, like “Under the Sea,” and “Kiss the Girl.”  Another cool aspect was there was not a drop of  water on the set, and the actors were not on lines, trying to make them look like they were swimming- they used the Healey shoes- to roller blade across the stage, to mimic the swimming, and it worked!  It was very creative. 

It was so entertaining, and there was something for everyone.  It was a wonderful night!

When I was getting ready to leave, Ryan gave me the once-over and asked me, “Where are you going dressed like that?”  As I was walking out the door, I called goodbye to him.  He was in the kitchen with Joe, and he called back, “Okay, good-bye, have fun, and be careful.”  Sometimes I think he is 3.5 going on 30!

I got home rather late, and of course Joe had the boys bathed, and sleeping once again.  Should I have expected any less?  He was terrific with them, and it was very nice to actually go out for two whole nights kid free. I’m very fortunate Joe is such a terrific father and hubby.

Today we went back to the same town to visit Joe’s brother and help him with some household projects.  The boys did great visiting their uncle and playing with their two doggies.  They were asleep in the car five minutes after we left.  They briefly woke up when we got home, but they both fell back asleep within minutes.

Joe has to work tomorrow, and I have to go grocery shopping and get things ready for the week.  We had a very nice weekend, and I hope everyone has a great Labor Day tomorrow.  Here are two pictures from last night:

music-002-copy.jpg Me with my niece, Maelin, who is five months old.

music.jpg (L to R) Maelin, Me, My sister, & My sister-in-law. We all three ended up wearing black (and very dark navy) lacy outfits, but did not plan this.  I guess we were all on the same wave length!  🙂



  1. It was great to have you come out with us! I have to admit, I’m not at the place yet where I have a great time when I’m out without the baby…when does that come? I just spend the whole time worrying about her or missing her.

    Maybe it’s because I work FT and I’d rather be at home with her when I’m not at work.
    Maybe when she’s older and she can tell me to have fun and be careful?? 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I am so jealous you go to see “Little Mermaid”! That was my favorite movie as a child and I bet it was a really awesome musical.

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