Posted by: amamasblog | September 9, 2007

Happy Grandparent’s Day!

 Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do.  Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.  ~Alex Haley

Today is Grandparent’s Day, so I wanted to devote a post to grandparents!

First off, even though I didn’t know my only grandmother, Mimi, when I was growing up, we have gotten acquainted over the years, and she is terrific!  She is so smart, loves to read, and lets all of her family descend on her beautiful beach house every summer.  She lovingly provides a place, where all of us stressed out, sleep deprived, visitors can come each year to relax, just be, and take a step back. 

After having five of her own children, eleven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, there isn’t anything she doesn’t know about babies.  She helped put a piece of the puzzle together for me on Cole’s constant waking at night this summer- she told me he was hungry and I needed to give him a protein snack before bed, and don’t forget to do it!  I usually did forget, but have been remembering and he DOES sleep so much better now.  Sometimes it is just the simple things grandparents can remind us of that make all the difference.  So thank you, Mimi, for everything you do for ALL of us.  We love you!

I also didn’t know my only grandpa growing up.  He has taken more and more trips out to our state to visit, and we have gotten to know him better as well.  He is wickedly funny, and witty.  I am so glad that I have these memories of him, and he has been able to at least meet his oldest great-grand son!

Second, I can’t thank Ryan and Cole’s grandparents enough- all five of them, for the incredible love, help, and support they give to our entire family.  I honestly don’t know how we would have made it this far without their help.

 It seems like just when Joe and I, are at the end of our ropes, whoo-la- a grandparent calls and offers to have Ryan over for the day (Joe’s parents), or offers to come up and baby-sit for a few hours (my dad and step-mom), or stops by for a short visit, playing with the boys for half an hour, to give me a break (my dad), or listens to me rant and rave, and vent (my mom) never judging me, but giving me practical and loving advice, so I can keep going. 

In those early days after having Cole, who demanded I was with him at all times, the grandparents were lifesavers, in helping me with Ryan, so he still felt special, and also helping me with Cole- holding him, so I could take a shower, or just get a break. 

Whenever my well is dry, these incredible people are waiting in the wings to help re-nourish my supply.  I gain a lot of comfort in knowing we have such a wonderful support system, but at the same time, allowing me to find my path as a mother. 

I am not naïve to think I am a great mother, or even a good mother- I am just trying to do the best I can, but any good things I do as a mother is because of the love, and extra support my mother, Joe’s parents, and my parents offer to me.  I would not be half the mother I try to be without their love, support, and guidance. 

Becoming a mother involves so many changes and unexpected twists and turns.  I didn’t grow up with grandparents, so I didn’t understand that special relationship-not only between the grandparents and grandchildren, but a new dimension to my relationships with my parents and in-laws.  I never expected to need or have these relationships- and now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. 

My boys love their grandparents so much, who light up every time they are around you. They have a special sparkle in their eyes that they have only for you, which I hope one day I’ll be able to see in my grandchildren’s eyes as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Grandparents, for everything you do for us every day.  It means more than you could possibly ever know.  I love all of you! 

Here are some special quotes regarding grandparents that I like.  The quote at the top of this post by Alex Haley, is my favorite.  Happy Grandparents Day to all!

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.  ~Welsh Proverb

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies.  ~Rudolph Giuliani

Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.  ~Author Unknown

It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace.  ~Christopher Morley

Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old.  ~Mary H. Waldrip

The best baby-sitters, of course, are the baby’s grandparents.  You feel completely comfortable entrusting your baby to them for long periods, which is why most grandparents flee to Florida.  ~Dave Barry

A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do.  ~Lois Wyse

Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven’t thought of yet.  ~Gene Perret

It’s amazing how grandparents seem so young once you become one.  ~Author Unknown

Grandchildren:  the only people who can get more out of you than the IRS.  ~Gene Perret

If your baby is “beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time,” you’re the grandma.  ~Teresa Bloomingdale

What is it about grandparents that is so lovely?  I’d like to say that grandparents are God’s gifts to children.  And if they can but see, hear and feel what these people have to give, they can mature at a fast rate.  ~Bill Cosby

No cowboy was ever faster on the draw than a grandparent pulling a baby picture out of a wallet.  ~Author Unknown

A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.  ~Erma Bombeck



  1. Hmm, I had no idea it was Grandparents Day!

    Beautiful post : )

  2. I didn’t know it was Grandparents’ Day either! I am so with you – I don’t know where I’d be without my grandparents or my kids’! There is something really special about a grandparent….and they are the best babysitters 🙂

  3. i had no idea either! oops. dropped the ball on that one. :oP

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