Posted by: amamasblog | September 15, 2007

Celebrity Speaks Against C-Sections

In a rare occurance, a Hollywood celebrity actually spoke against c-sections, and said she would not recommend having a c-section.

The celebrity: Tori Spelling. I admit I was surprised this came from her, but it is refreshing to hear someone from Hollywood not glamorize a c-section. She had an emergency c-section with her son, Liam, in March. 

She talks to People about losing her baby weight, and her experience with her c-section.  She said after the birth, she didn’t feel so great because of the c-section, and that made losing weight even harder.  She goes on to say that, “there is a big myth in Hollywood that actresses get c-sections because they are easier, but if I did not have to have one, I would not recommend it.”  

I have never been a huge Tori Spelling fan, and some of her interview in this video sounds a bit “flaky,” but you can also see how much she loves her baby, and I think it is great she spoke up with her comments about c-sections.  I also love that she is nursing her son, even though she has a rough start. 

Check out the video from People– (the date of the video is Sept. 12th) and it is only a minute and a half.  At least there is someone saying having a c-section isn’t easy or great!



  1. Even though I’m no fan of Tori Spelling, I’m glad she’s telling it like it is. I’ve had enough of seeing new mom celebrities losing their weight so quickly and training for hours a day while the poor baby is with the nanny. That’s not realistic for the majority of new moms and yet we idolize these people.

  2. I think that is really awesome that she is coming out against c-sections. It seems that they have become the thing to do in Hollywood. It still perplexes me as to why anyone would CHOOSE to have one. Um, major abdominal thanks. I’ll push a baby out my vagina any day 🙂

  3. I’m no Tori Spelling fan and it may seem odd for a guy to have a strong opinion about this topic, but I’m totally against C-Sections as they are most commonly practised – that is, as a convenience for the physician or mother rather than a medically-necessary measure.

    More often that not, this is all done for the sake of getting the doc out on the golf course or off to dinner on time.

    The way that doctors use drugs to delay births and then C-Section surgery to make births fit their schedule is, to me, unethical and placed the mother at risk needlessly.

    Frankly, I cannot understand why women – the mothers themselves – don’t question this practise more often. But then again, these are largely the same people who are not questioning the medical need for circumcisions either – another needless and harmful practise that’s most often performed for the sheer sake of habit and antiquated thinking…

  4. I love your responses, and Rob O., I think it is great that you do have a strong opinion on the subject, I feel the more people- women and men that are informed on the dangers of c-sections, the better the chances of changes being made.

    I wish more men would voice their thoughts on the subject, so it didn’t seem like just a “woman’s issue” in the medical community, and really it isn’t- every c-section performed is someone’s daughter, wife/girlfriend/significant other, and mother.

    I really hope as more and more people become educated on the risks involved in c-sections, more people will reject them as routine procedures. They do have their place, but not just b/c a Dr. wants to keep his/her schedule, like Rob pointed out!

  5. Good post 🙂 T and I were just discussing a similar topic (attitudes towards women). I told my doc that I’m feeling my baby move. She sort of scrunched up her face and said she didn’t think that was possible before 16 weeks. It was really condescending and I was NOT happy. I repeated the convo to my mom and she said the same thing happened to her. And then we vented for awhile about how we’re so in touch w/ our bodies and by the 3rd pg’cy you KNOW what it feels like etc, etc. Then T and I got to talking about how if MEN got pregnant they would be taken seriously. If they said x was true, x would be true. There is this attitude in the medical field (in the world….) even w/ female practitioners that women are silly and emotional and so they can dismiss them. Women really aren’t taken as seriously as men!!! If MEN had babies doctors would respect them more and not try and cram them around their schedules!

  6. it’s true that the doctors presses for c section because of their schedules that’s what hapend to me and unfortunatly my doctor pressed me hard he said as soon as he came in: “you have 5 minutes to decide if you doing c section or I’m going away” and also every body around like the nurse and another doctor that was their got me scared that it’s going to be dangers for me and for my baby. all that wasn’t true the monitor showed that everithing with my baby o.k and iwas o.k too i’m regreting i let him to do c section when ther was no reason accept doctor Dtromers’ schedule and his pocket.

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