Posted by: amamasblog | October 15, 2007

A Sick Weekend & Go Rockies!

Cole came down with a cold last week, and by this weekend, Joe, Ryan, and myself had it too.  Joe seems to get over colds in a day or two, but I always get them for a week. 

My sore throat is gone, but now I have laryngitis and a cough.  Ryan has a stuffy, running nose, and a little cough.  Cole still has a runny nose.  Joe has a runny nose.

I am sure Joe will be feeling better today, but I am still not feeling 100%.  Of course, I have a lot of work I am trying to do- my clients month-end, and quarter-end books, work from my job that I can do from home, and trying to take care of the boys too. 

I usually do all my job and work stuff at night, but Joe and I have become very involved in the baseball playoffs- mainly watching the Colorado Rockies; their incredible winning streak and play.  I am not that big of a baseball fan, but I grew up watching the Chicago Cubs, because my brother was a fan.  I haven’t been to a baseball game in a few years, but watching the Rockies is so much fun! They are just doing great!  So needless to say, I have been playing “hooky” from work.  Hopefully, they will sweep the Diamondbacks tonight, and I can get caught up before the World Series starts! 

In other news, I started working a half day on Thursdays and leaving the boys with a wonderful daycare provider that was referred to me.  She only takes “part-time” kids, and the boys love her!  Ryan keeps asking if he can go back to her house.  I’ll probably write another posting about this subject soon.

Fall has arrived- we had cool temperatures over the weekend, and lots of fog and rain.  With all of us being sick, and the boys not being able to go outside, we all had a major case of cabin fever!  On Saturday we ventured outside to get some lunch at a somewhat healthier fast food chain, that has a really nice indoor playground.  The boys loved that!  Then we took a drive to a town we are thinking about moving to, to see if there were any new houses for sale.

On our way out to the restaurant, we did a “drive-by” on another house, just a few blocks away from where we are now, that a friend told us about that was for sale. The outside looked really nice and the yard was a decent size, and it was in a nice neighborhood- one that I didn’t even realize was so close to us.

We called the realtor and looked at it yesterday, but the inside needed some work, and the kitchen was too small.  This weekend really got to Joe and I- we need something bigger with these two, active boys! 

It seems like everytime we start to get serious about moving, something happens and we have to wait, or postpone our new house search.  So, we aren’t really looking- just checking out the market.  🙂

Go Rockies!



  1. Ugh – sorry you’re sick! Feel better soon!!

    and I agree, Go Rockies!!!

    Checking out the market is FUN!!! I feel really claustrophobic in our house sometimes so I have empathy for wanting more space!

  2. Feel better! I was wondering where you guys were this a.m. Hope you all are recovering now.

  3. I hope you get to move soon…keep looking!
    I’m sorry you’re all sick: Maelin is still getting over her cold and now Kevin has it. I’m feeling a tickle in my throat this morning so I think the 3 of us will just keep passing it along to each other!! Oh, the joys!
    Another of my kids has pnenomia…make sure you all get as much rest as you can so it doesn’t turn into that!

  4. hope you guys are feeling better. my two have colds as well. must be something going around.
    when does the world series start? i’m so out of the sports scene.

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