Posted by: amamasblog | October 20, 2007

Harvest Picnic & Sick Again!

Today we went to a Harvest picnic that Joe’s boss was having at a park.  It was a great day for a picnic- it was warm, so warm, I thought about wearing shorts, but in the end wore a pair of capri pants and a short sleeved shirt.  I actually got a little sunburn on my arm. 

There were about 40 of Joe’s colleagues and co-workers, who all work under his boss, and lots of kids.  The people who organized it, did a great job.  They had some really fun games for the kids, prizes, and pumpkins for all the kids.  One game, they were going to play musical chairs, but they had some orange pumpkin place-mats instead.  They wanted the kids to dance around, and when the music stopped, find a place-mat.  Well, the laptop that was supposed to play the music wasn’t working, so they improvised and started a huge game of duck, duck, goose instead.

There were about 10 adults and 15 kids in the huge circle, and Ryan loved the game!  He kept jumping up and running around in the circle, when anyone got up to run.  Finally, someone named him the goose, and he got up, ran around, cut through the circle, and threw himself at the feet of the man who he was chasing, and the guy nearly fell over.  It was a riot- it looked like Ryan was doing a football move or something.  🙂

Ryan was also delighted to find out one of Joe’s co-workers could sing all the songs to the Music Man.  His eyes lit up when she started singing the songs.  I think he found a friend for life there.

Cole did great as well.  He walked around, smiled at people, batted his eyes at everyone, and even got on the small kid playground equipment and climbed up and down. He is in this really cute phase when he gets shy he looks down at the ground, but then will lift his eyes up slightly, and give a little half smile.  It is adorable.  He had all the women, playing right into this.  I think we are going to have a little heart-breaker on our hands. 

When we got home, Cole took a nap and woke up with a fever and the terrible congestion, raspy voice that Ryan had earlier this week.  I thought Ryan had caught Cole’s cold, but it seems like Ryan had another cold (which he is still getting over), and now passed that to Cole.  Ryan had terrible hallucinations with this, when his fever was so high, so I am hoping we can keep Cole’s fever down tonight, so he doesn’t experience this, and so he can sleep.  Ryan was so delirious, he would sleep for 45 minutes and then wake up- it went on like that for two nights!

Our weather is supposed to turn cold tomorrow, with maybe some snow.  I hope Cole sleeps tonight, and Ryan keeps improving.  Joe and I are going to make some green chili stew, (recipe from my dad), and try to have a day where the boys just rest.  No activities. 

We did have a nice day- what a nice and fun way to welcome autumn.



  1. Oh, MAN! I am sorry about the sickness. I’ll be thinking about you tonight. All-nighters with sick kids are the pits.

    The picnic does sound like fun. And your kids sound too cute 🙂

    Take care!

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