Posted by: amamasblog | October 23, 2007

The Hooter Hider

One of my friends mentioned today that she was watching The View, and they were reviewing baby products.  One of the products they had was called Hooter Hider.

She described it as a piece of cloth that you put over your head, and it does what just it says, for nursing out in public.  Not having seen the Hooter Hider yet, I replied that I thought it was the worse name ever for a product, and it sounded like it would just scream, “HEY LOOK AT ME!  I’M NURSING- THE HOOTERS ARE COMING OUT!”

I decided to look it up, and here is an actual picture of the Hooter Hider-


I have to admit, that it does look more fashionable than I first thought.  However, nursing in public never bothered me, and until I got the hang of it, I just used a blanket.

This product kind of bugs me, because it perpetuates the message our society that breasts should be covered up while nursing, and babies nursing shouldn’t be seen.  If every nursing mother could just nurse without having to feel ashamed or made to feel like they have to cover up, I think that would do wonders to make breastfeeding in public acceptable.  It is what breasts are for, after all

I also wonder how much a baby would like it- both my boys hated to be covered up with a blanket and wanted their heads uncovered.

On the other hand, this product seems kind of cool too.  First off all, it looks like it would stay on really well, when a blanket would slide off, and it seems like you are always struggling with a blanket, or the baby is fighting it.

Second, it looks perfect if you want to nurse while having your baby in carrier, like a Baby Bjorn.  It looks like it would let you nurse, and still walk around. 

It might be nice in cooler weather, if you were walking with your baby, then the baby might like to be covered up while nursing.

My final decision is, even though I wouldn’t use it, I think it could be good tool to help some nursing mothers feel more confident, or less conspicuous while nursing in public.  If this can help a mother nurse her baby while out in public, instead of supplementing with formula, then I think that is a good thing. 

In the end, breast-milk is the absolute best food for babies, and if this helps a mother supply that for her baby, I’m all for it. 

I have been in those situations (haven’t we all?) where you need, or want to nurse, and it is just an awkward time, or your shirt isn’t long enough, etc.  Instead of having an upset, hungry baby, this could help ward off those situations that can add stress to a nursing mother.

Finally if you are a nursing mother, you have nothing to hide.  Babies deserve to be breastfed, and you have a right to do that.  Don’t feel like you have to cover-up to make others comfortable, unless YOU want to, and it makes YOU feel more confident. 

In the end though, whether you cover up or not, we should all feel very proud that we are nursing our babies!



  1. I totally agree with you on all counts. I never had a problem nursing in public and I quickly realized that the more I tried to “cover up” the more conspicuous I became. I learned that once I quit worrying about exposing myself or what people might think and just concerned myself with feeding my baby, the whole experience was 100 times easier. I think the more women that nurse in public the more accepted it will become.

    Great post!

  2. while i personally would never wear a hooter hider, i do think they serve a purpose for those who are too uncomfortable to otherwise nurse in public. i just wish they had a nicer name. 😉 of course if everyone just nursed in public like it was no big deal then perhaps it really would be no big deal, but i think that scenario is still a long ways off in this country.

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