Posted by: amamasblog | October 24, 2007

It Was Bound To Happen

It was bound to happen- I caught the nasty cold(s) that Ryan and Cole have. 

Ryan is *finally* better.  He still has an occasional cough, but he is back to his happy, old, self.  Poor Cole seems like he is in the worse of it right now- lots of congestion and a cough.  I feel so bad for the little guy.  He wakes up at night, because he can’t breathe, and he throws up, because of all of the gunk in his throat he can’t get out.  Then he just wants to be held. 

On Sunday night, I held him for 3 hours- until 4 am.  Every time he was asleep, and I would try to set him back in his crib, he’d wake up and start crying.  After 3 hours, and about 10 attempts, he finally stayed asleep.

On Monday night, I thought I would try another tactic- after he threw up all over me, and I gave him a bath (at 1 am), to try to clear up his congestion, I brought him to sleep with me.  He fell asleep on top of me- right away, and his breathing was really good- no raspy noises.  I could taste the sleep I was going to get- wrong!  After about 15 minutes, he started tossing and turning, and I was so bone-dead tired, I just didn’t have the energy to get up, and sit with him until he fell asleep.  So I let him toss around on me, and got about 10 minutes of sleep all night.

Needless to say, it has been a fun few nights at my house. On top of that I am trying to get over this junk too.  It is odd when you stay at home, and you are only around your kids all day, you never really think that you are sick.  You still have to get up, make them their food, play with them, take care of them, etc. They don’t care if you have a cold, life must go on.

I have the same little nagging, hacking, annoying cough now too.  This afternoon at work, after listening to me cough all day, my boss told me that I sounded awful, and I should go home and take care of myself!  I immediately told her I felt fine- I just had this cough.  It was like an instant reaction to state that I wasn’t sick.

Then I started thinking, that she was right. I didn’t feel that great, and this cough and cold is wearing me down.  She told me not to come in tomorrow, so I’m going to accept her offer, not go in, and rest.  I’ll see if I feel better by the weekend and maybe go in on Saturday for a few hours to catch up.

It really is ironic for me anyway, that as much effort, thought, and worry I put into my boys’ health, it is so hard for me to think of my own health in the same way.  I’m glad there was someone today that reminded me that it is okay to take a break and rest when I’m not well.

So if I don’t blog for the next few days, you know I am resting…well, at least as much as I can with one active three-year old, and one sick toddler.  🙂



  1. it’s so hard to take care of ourselves the same way we care for our kids.
    i’m glad you decided to take some time off and try to rest. maybe the kids could stay w/ grandma and grandpa for a few hours so you can catch up on some sleep.
    feel better soon.

  2. Feel better soon! I know how horrible it feels to be sick and still have to take care of everyone but yourself…hang in there!

  3. I read this and meant to reply to it way back when….I’m so sorry you got it too! I suppose for your mental helalth it’s better to go the “I’m OK!” route than to whine that you never get a break (my route, usually…) since neither one changes the situation!

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