Posted by: amamasblog | November 1, 2007


Our actual Halloween night went pretty much like I thought.  Joe and I both arrived home from work around 5:30, and we ate dinner at Joe’s parent’s house. 

Around 7, we left to go to a few friends homes to trick-or-treat.  Cole LOVED his costume this time.  On Saturday, he was fighting the hat (a.k.a. Big Bird’s head), but he kept it on, and even started flapping his arms like a bird for our friends.  Ryan decided he didn’t like his train overalls anymore, but he at least agreed to wear his hat and kerchief.

We got home about an hour later, and thought we had missed most of the trick-or-treater’s.  We had a huge bag of candy we wanted to get rid of, so when a few came by, I told them they could have two pieces.  The kids looked like they hit the jackpot!

Ryan and Cole got into handing out the candy very quickly.  Every time the doorbell would ring, they would scream, and run over to the door.  Cole would wave and smile at all the kids, and then try to walk out the door with them.  Ryan would hold the bowl with the candy, and watch as all the kids got their treats.

About half an hour later, we were almost out of candy, and we were getting another rush.  So the next time the bell rang, I told Ryan that we were only going to let the kids have one piece of candy, because we were running out.  Ryan held the bowl out, and as soon as I opened the door, he said just as seriously as he could, “You only get ONE piece of candy- not two- you only get ONE!”  The kids were all looking at him like he was a candy Scrooge, but I had to laugh.  Thanks to his candy “management,” we managed not run out of candy.

The boys had a great Halloween, and Ryan was asking me tonight if anymore trick-or-treater’s were coming by-he wanted to hand out more candy. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Halloween! Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?



  1. I’m so jealous that you used up so much candy!! I bought the big bag…and then we had 3 whole groups of T-o-Ters. How lame is that!?

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