Posted by: amamasblog | November 6, 2007

Kids Say the Darnest Things

If you sat down and thought of the weirdest, oddest, thing that your child say one day, I don’t think in your wildest dreams, you can fully appreciate the way their little minds work.

Example: Over the weekend, we went and got a flu shot.  The nurse said for Cole, the easiest and less painful place for his shot was in his bum.  Cole was a trooper- he let out a little cry, for a whole three seconds, and then he was done.  Last night, as we were putting on his pajamas, I noticed a tiny black and blue mark, on his bum, where he had gotten his shot.  I pointed it out to Joe, and of course Ryan was watching and listening to everything.

We also noticed that there was a patch of skin on Cole’s bum that looked like it was becoming more irritated.  He has had it for about a month, and we just thought it was a patch of dry skin, but it hasn’t been going away.  I had a Dr.’s appointment today, and called this morning to see if the Dr. could look at this patch of skin on Cole.  Of course Ryan was listening to everything I was saying.

At the doctor, again, Cole was so good.  He just rolled over, and laid down on his tummy and let the doctor look at his bum.  He determined that Cole has a small patch of eczema.  He told me some things I could do for it, and that was the extent of Cole’s examination.

Tonight as Joe was giving the boys a bath, I was in the other room, folding towels.  Ryan started to cry saying, that the “pinches” on Cole’s bum, scare him.  We had no idea what he was talking about, but he kept on and on, repeating he didn’t like the “pinches.”  I went into the bathroom, and asked Ryan if he meant the needle prick where Cole got his shot scared him, and he said no, the pinches, and there were three of them that scared him.  Then he held up his fingers and counted to three, for emphasis. 

We still had no clue, what he meant, but he was crying more intently at this point.  Joe had Cole stand up, and asked Ryan to show us what on Cole’s bum scared him.  Our little Cole- what a sweetie.  He just stood up, and let Ryan point out the baby CELLULITE / DIMPLE pockets on his little bum.  Evidently Cole’s baby fat deposits scare Ryan.

Well, I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I went into the other room and laughed, so Ryan wouldn’t see me laughing (I didn’t want him to think I was laughing at him), while Joe explained he didn’t have to be scared of the “pinches” on Cole’s bottom. 

I have no idea if all this attention the last few days on Cole’s bum brought this on, or if this is something that really was scaring Ryan.  At any rate, it is pretty darn funny- oh the things they come up with!



  1. Awww! Poor Ryan! I love the way kids see the world in their own little way!

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