Posted by: amamasblog | November 7, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys

Today after Ryan and Cole were finished eating lunch, Cole brought me his Crocs, and pointed to the patio door, indicating he wanted to go outside.  As soon as Ryan saw Cole was going outside, he wanted to go outside too.

I sat and read for a few minutes.  Ryan and Cole play together really well outside.  I can see them from my kitchen, and living room.  There is only about once place when I look out a window I can’t see them, and that is right up against the house, and they don’t play right there.  Ryan will even come and get me to tell me that Cole is eating dirt (which he loves to do.)

After about fifteen minutes, I got up and looked out the kitchen window, and saw Cole standing with hose, sucking on it.  I thought that was odd.  Then I noticed that his face had something on it, but I couldn’t tell if it was a weird shadow or what.  Then he turned his head, and I saw that he had dirt over his entire face, and around his mouth.  He was trying to suck the hose to get some water to get the dirt out of his mouth.

I stood there for a moment wondering how he got dirt all over his face.  He likes to sit down in the dirt, but he has never put it on his face.  He moved, and a ton of dirt fell out from under his jacket, and more dirt fell off of his head.  Then to top that off, he leaned down, and stuck a big chunk of dirt in his mouth!

Just then, I see Ryan, turning the corner with their play shovel in hand, with a pile of dirt on top of it, running towards Cole.  I got outside just in time to stop the big brother from dumping another shovel load of dirt on the little brother. 

As I inspected Cole up close, he looked like a coal miner.  He was covered with dirt from head to toe.  I should have grabbed the camera, but I was too busy stripping Cole’s clothes off and trying to dust enough dirt off of him, so I could take him in the house for a bath.

I asked Ryan if he dumped dirt on Cole, and he said yes, it was fun.  I told him he is never to do that again, and then he started telling me he was very, very, sorry.  I told him I was sad that Cole had all this dirt in his eyes, mouth, and nose.  I told him he was going to help me give Cole a bath.

As soon as Cole was in the tub, he perked up.  He even got on his tummy, and started kicking his legs like he was swimming.  I had Ryan wash Cole’s back, and then Ryan decided he wanted to get in the bathtub and take a bath too, but I told him no, since it was so close to their nap-time. 

At any rate, we got Cole cleaned up, and Ryan fell asleep shortly afterwards.  After a big morning at preschool, and then dumping dirt all over his brother, I guess he was worn out.

I don’t know how to get Cole to stop eating dirt; I just hope he doesn’t end up with a baby version “black lung,” 🙂



  1. Ah – dirt’s good for the immune system! It’s random toys that I want my DS to stop eating! 🙂

    S dumps sand on Q’s head all the time. It drives me insane!

    Did you take a pic before you washed him!?

  2. I think everyone eats a pound of dirt a year anyway…Cole’s just ahead of the game! 🙂

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