Posted by: amamasblog | November 15, 2007

Sick Yet Again

I am getting so tired of getting sick!  Yesterday evening when I arrived at my in-law’s house, after work, my mother-in-law said that Ryan had gotten sick after breakfast, but he was fine now.

He ate some of his dinner, was playing, and whatever he had, wasn’t bothering him anymore.

About three hours after dinner, I started feeling terrible.  My stomach was cramping, and I just got that sick feeling. I knew I was going to be vomiting at any time.  I managed to put Cole to sleep, and then it hit me about 9:30.  At 2 AM, I vomited for the last time, in between Cole waking up.  He wasn’t sick, but he just kept waking up, which was ironic. He has been sleeping through the night now, for about a month.  He goes down, and doesn’t make a peep until 6:30 or 7 in the morning (pending that he isn’t teething)- except for last night- he kept waking up every hour, and only wanted me. 

I felt so sick, I just sat in the glider with him, with a big bowl near me, in case I couldn’t get to the bathroom in time.  Then I tossed and turned the rest of the night, until I got up at 7, to call our child care provider to tell her I wasn’t going anywhere today, and to call in to work.    I begged Joe to stay home today, but he just couldn’t- he had a big meeting. 

I told Ryan he had to be a good boy today, and he was so good!  Around 10, Cole wanted to take his nap, so I snuggled in bed with him, while Ryan played in his room, right next door to us.  I didn’t fall into a deep sleep, but I dozed, and Ryan was so quiet and told me he had been playing with his blocks, and reading his books.  He kept asking me if I felt better, and told me he was sorry I was sick.  He would say, “Don’t worry Mommy, you’ll feel better in a few days.” 

I managed to keep some toast down at lunchtime, and took a nap.  I feel better tonight, but feel weak, cold, and clammy.  I thought I might have gotten food poisoning, but my in-laws, Joe, and I, all ate the same thing for dinner last night, and they were fine.  Thinking back to Ryan, there probably was some bug that I caught, although I’m glad that Ryan didn’t get as sick as I.

So hopefully, no one else around here will come down with that bug.  It was awful. Fortunately, Joe is taking tomorrow off.  It is SO hard to take care of your kids, when you are sick.  We have had so many bugs and viruses since the summer, I really think we have payed our dues.  No more sickness!  🙂



  1. Oh, man! That sounds awful. Heal quickly!

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