Posted by: amamasblog | November 20, 2007


Here are two pictures that I love from our photo session on Sunday:



I was really impressed with the studio- my sister did a great job in convincing me to try the studio out. 

I thought it was going to be a disaster though, because no sooner was our session was ready to start, Cole decided he was having NONE of it.  Nothing the photographer, my sister, my sister-in-law, Ryan, or I, did or said could get Cole to stop frowning, and crying, as soon as he saw the camera.  Needless to say, the first 15 minutes was very frustrating!

Our photographer took some extra time, even though the studio was really busy, and she finally got some shots with Ryan and Cole together, both boys separately, (I’ll be posting those pictures on their own posts), both boys with their cousin, and both boys for their Christmas card picture (if you know me in real-life, you’ll have to wait to see that on your Christmas card.  I’ll post a picture of it though, after the cards go out).

The studio was very professional, and they never rushed us.  With my sister and I sharing the photo shoot, it was very economical, and they had the pictures done and printed in under an hour (we went and ate lunch, while waiting for the pictures to be printed).  

 The best part is they give you ALL shots (even ones you don’t end up choosing for pictures) on a CD, to do with what you want.  They said that is their equivalent of giving you the negatives (from the old days.)  So, any pictures I have in color, I can get reprinted in any size, or make black and white, etc.  I love having all shots, because even now, a day later, I am finding I like some pictures that I didn’t like yesterday, and the individual picture I chose for Cole yesterday, I am not liking it so much now.  I really like the flexibility of having the “negatives/CD.”  I even selected our wedding photographer largely in part (I of course liked his work), but he let us keep the negatives. 

The only bad part, was the drive for me.  It was an hour away, but that is a small price to pay.  I have been so bad about getting the boys’ pictures taken, I hope this will motivate me to keep up with it more regularly now.  Since my niece’s first birthday, and Cole’s second birthday are a month apart, I think we are going to go back and share a session again in the spring.

If you know me in real-life and want the name of the studio, send me an e-mail, and I’ll be happy to pass their information along. 



  1. Hi Heather!
    Nice blog you have here 🙂 ! Interesting reading about your phoosession, I have my own photostudio ( ) so it’s learning to read and listen to your experiences!

    Lovely to boys you have 🙂 . We also have to boys with to years differens (2002 and -04). Also interested by attachment parenting the lost one was born a home, it was so wonderful 🙂 !

    Have a nice winter!

  2. The boys are adorable and the pics turned out great! I’m excited to see the xmas card!

  3. Thanks for your comment, Saraz, and I liked your website, but I can’t read your blog- is it in German? Are you in Germany?

  4. glad that photo session went so well. such cute, stylin’ boys!

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