Posted by: amamasblog | November 26, 2007

Update on Cole

Cole is doing a lot better today, and did well during the last two-nights.  His stridor is almost gone, and now it seems like that gunk is starting to drain in the form of a cough, sneezing, and runny nose.  But his breathing is so much better.

We got out for a little while today and took a very short walk (it was colder out than I thought, but cold air is good for croup), and went to a hardware store to look at all their Christmas trees, and then on to the health food store for some groceries. 

We all rested a lot yesterday ( I stayed in my PJ’s until 1pm!), so hopefully we are all on the mend.

I’m taking Nicole’s suggestion and carrying hand sanitizer w/ me now, and putting it on all of our hands right away- all these colds seem to start w/ Cole since his hands are in his mouth constantly. 

I found a neat one at the health food store today called Clean Well.  I was looking for a spray, since the gels are harder to distribute.  Clean Well is a spray, is alcohol free, is made with ingenium (which is made from essential plant oils), and it’s safe if kids put their hands in their mouth with it on, and it kills 99.99 of germs naturally.  From Clean Well’s website: It is the only all-natural antimicrobial that meets EPA and FDA standards for germ killing efficacy.

We’ll see if this slows down these colds and illnesses we keep catching.  It certainly can’t hurt!


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