Posted by: amamasblog | December 4, 2007

Super Busy Week

This will probably be the only post I have time to write this week- as we are having an unusually busy week, well for us anyway!

Yesterday I worked all day, and Joe took the day off and stayed home with the boys.  We had a role-reversal for the day, and it went well.  I had a somewhat stressful day (trying to learn something new, and the computers and software were not cooperating!)  I was tired when it was time to come home.  I had two boys, who missed their mama, jump on me the second I walked in the door, and they didn’t stop until bedtime!  I have a new appreciation for Joe; it is hard to be 100% at work, and on top of it all, and then have to be energetic, and happy for your kids when you come home.  I also missed them- I guess I’m not used to being away from them on this particular day!

Joe’s day went well- the boys were really good for him.  I think he got a taste of how my days go though, when he decided to replace our bathroom faucet.  It has had a leak for a few days, and he said he learned his lesson in never trying to do a plumbing project with the two little monkey’s around!  He said they just wanted to see everything, get into everything, and he had to keep stopping what he was doing, to watch what they were doing.  The highlight was when Cole picked up a wrench, and pounded it down with all his might on Joe’s knees!

 But, despite all the stop-and-go’s, he did get the faucet in, and I told him now he knows how triumphant I feel when I can get a few things done around the house in a day.  He also told me we were going out to dinner, because he hadn’t had time to cook anything.  I’ve been there before too!  🙂

Today Ryan was supposed to go to preschool, but he woke up with what sounded like a bad cold (I know, NOT again), and we had wind blowing about 70 miles an hour.  They go outside for most of the day at school, so I decided to keep him home.  I didn’t want him to get anyone else sick, and I didn’t think it would be good for him to be in all that wind.  About 10 minutes before school started, he said he felt fine and wanted to go to school.  Figures.  The wind also died down, so Ryan and Cole played outside in the back yard all morning.  I am happy to say, that his cold seemed to disappear too- he just has a bit of a runny nose.

Then this afternoon, we went to see a pretty famous concert band play.  Joe came home, and Joe’s dad came with us too.  It was really good! This was the first concert either boy had ever been too, and they were wonderful!  The concert was about an hour and a half, and Ryan was fine during the entire time.  Cole loved the concert for the first 45 minutes…he was clapping, singing, tapping his hands on his legs to the music, and dancing.  He was thrilled.  During the last half, Joe and I took turns standing in the back of auditorium with him- he was getting a bit restless.

After the concert was over, Santa was on the stage, so Ryan and Cole got to meet Santa.  I don’t think I ever saw Ryan’s eyes so big.  He asked later if that was a pretend Santa, or a real one, and of course we told him that was the real Santa.  He said he had a lot of hair in his beard!  🙂  We also got to meet some of the musicians- Ryan and Cole got to touch and feel a French horn, and a trumpet.  Of course as we got home, Ryan and Cole played band all night, with Ryan as the the conductor, complete with a baton.  They were imitating some of the acts they saw, which was neat to see.

Tomorrow, I have the longest day ever!  I work all day, and then it is my work’s Christmas party.  Since it is a very small firm, the owner decided to take us out to dinner after work, and then to another very, very, famous show that happens to be in town.  It starts around 7, and I am sure by the time it is all over and done, I won’t be home until 11pm.

Thursday, it is back to work for me, for half a day, and then we have another follow up doctor’s appointment for Cole, so the doctor can see if Cole’s lungs are finally clear. 

Friday night we are taking the boys to Santa’s Workshop, complete with reindeer, lights, train rides, hot cocoa, and of course, Mr. Claus himself.

Saturday night, there is a holiday light parade that we are going to, and then on Sunday, Joe has to start putting in some very long hours at work all week.

I have four projects I am trying to finish myself for work, and have been trying to get some of them done at home, at night, after the boys are in bed.  (I am playing hooky right now from my stack of work.) 

Not to mention trying to keep up with the house, (Joe did clean the bathrooms and vacuum yesterday, so that was big help!), go grocery shopping, do laundry, trying to figure out and plan Ryan’s birthday, trying to fit in some Christmas shopping, and some baking for a cookie exchange I’m going to next week.  Whew…

So check back in with me in a few days- I’ll be blogging again as soon as things slow down a bit. 



  1. WOW, you ARE busy!

    And how did you get Joe to clean bathrooms and vaccum!?

  2. Honestly its like this.

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