Posted by: amamasblog | December 8, 2007

Let It Snow

It started snowing last night and it hasn’t stopped all day.  Not counting all the snow that melted as the snow first hit, we have about 8 inches.  The weather didn’t forecast this at all…why is that not surprising!

Last night we went to a Santa’s Workshop, and an outdoor light walk.  I was a little disappointed.  A lot of the booths were empty, and the lines were really long for the train ride.  Inside, at the workshop, it was arts and crafts for older kids, really.  The kids that were having a lot of fun all looked about 8 years old and older. 

But Cole enjoyed being outside, but Ryan, who came down with a fever last night, obviously was starting to feel sick, so he didn’t have a very good time.

Tonight we braved the weather again to go to our town’s holiday parade.  We have always gone in years past, and this year it was a little disappointing too.  Seeing how it was snowing, and about 20 degrees, I am sure a lot of the floats and performers backed out.  In years past, there were always at least three of the high school bands- this year there was only one- and it was a small private school’s band.  Usually the parade lasts about an hour, and this year it was under 45 minutes.  Cole again had a blast- but Ryan and I went into a store, and watched about half of the parade from the window.  He is feeling better, but still isn’t 100%, and I didn’t want him to get chilled.

I realized last night that Ryan’s boots from last year, didn’t fit him this year.  So I stopped off at a kiddie consignment store today, and picked up a pair in his size.  He wore them tonight, and when we were outside, he was standing in about 2 inches of snow.  After the parade we went to eat dinner, and Ryan said he wanted to take his boots off in the restaurant.  I took one off, and his foot was SOAKED!  Poor little guy- his feet must have been freezing.

I knew he would want to play in the snow tomorrow, and he needs boots when he goes to preschool on Tuesday, so we did a quick dash over to Target, where we got him a brand new pair of boots, that hopefully won’t leak.  I also got a pair for me.  I don’t own boots- I haven’t had boots in about ten years- we just haven’t had that much snow, or it always melts in a day or so. I have been getting away with wearing Dansko clogs, that I never slip in, but standing there tonight- my feet were freezing, and in deep snow, they just don’t work. 

I figured since I have two active boys, who love the snow, I will be spending more and more time in the snow, so a nice warm pair of boots, sounded like a good idea. They were so warm- I didn’t want to take them off, and wanted to wear them home like a kid!

In other news, my Christmas dinner / party went well.  It was a very long night, but it was amazing.  I wish I could say what we did, but for security, I try not to mention specifics, and if I named the show, it would be pretty easy to figure out where I live.   If you really want to know, e-mail me and I can tell you.  🙂

Tomorrow, Joe has to start working very long hours until Friday, so I am figuring on kind of being a “single” parent for the week.  I am going to try to get all my baking done for the cookie exchange I am going to next Sunday, this week.  We went to the grocery store today and got everything, so I wouln’t have to make any late night runs to the store for sugar!

One of the recipes I am making is really fast and easy, but the other one is really complex.  I wanted to do something special, and I hope the group likes it.  I’ll post pictures when I get them done!

Finally, I scored a really, really, nice Christmas present for Joe.  Shhh…it is a surprise (if you know us in real life).  He doesn’t read my blog, (at least that I know of,) but just in case I can’t say what it is.  I was surprised I was able to get it, but it is something that I know he will absolutely love.  I had to get on the computer today to get it, and told him not to come in, while I was on the computer.  After the purchase was complete, I told him it didn’t work out.  So he has no idea, and hopefully he doesn’t suspect anything.  After Christmas, I’ll spill some of the beans on what it is.  🙂

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, and getting all those names crossed off your Christmas shopping lists. I still have some gifts for cousins, and our family exchange to get, but I don’t feel rushed or under the gun- yet. 

Since we don’t have anything to do tomorrow, like the song says, for now, let it snow!



  1. that’s crazy about ryan’s boots. we had practically the same thing just happen to ava’s. i got her some a few wks ago from the consignment store, but the zipper broke on them yesterday. so today jody took her to target and got her a new pair. 🙂

    that’s cool that you got a great gift for joe.

    and what’s w/ all this sickness? it’s only december. we still have the rest of the winter to go. 😦 ava is still coughing and julian is sick now too. blah.

    oh, and i have a pretty good idea where u went for your xmas party. i’d love to hear abt it if u want to email me. 🙂

  2. Awww, your boots sound heavenly! I may have to get me some boots too 🙂

    I’m loving this snow…except it feels like it puts everything on hold so I am so not getting prepared for Christmas!

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