Posted by: amamasblog | December 13, 2007

Cole’s Latest Illness

I am beyond being in disbelief, but Cole is sick again.  He started on Sunday night with a high fever.  At one point it was around 103.  It finally broke Monday night, and then on Tuesday, he started to break out in a rash around his mouth and diaper area only.

He actually had his follow up appointment that was rescheduled from last week, for his croup and lung issues on Tuesday.  His lungs had cleared up, and our doctor, Dr. B., said the rash looked like a yeast infection from the antibiotics.  He suggested I give him some Kefir, to bring up the good bacteria count in his gut.  He noticed that his tonsils were inflamed and debated doing a step throat culture, but we decided not to right now. Most babies don’t get strep throat before age 2, according to Dr. B. 

I am supposed to call Dr. B., back tomorrow and let him know how Cole is doing.  He said if he still had a temperature, and seemed like his throat was still sore, he’d call in another antibiotic, but at this point I think he is over the worse of the sore throat, and he hasn’t had a fever again.

The rash is bugging me though.  Yesterday it started to appear on his back and upper legs, but very faintly.  My mother-in-law pointed out there are a lot of baby viruses that result in rashes, and we probably just have to wait it out.  The good news is, the rash isn’t bothering Cole at all.  He is totally happy, and doesn’t even know the rash is there- he isn’t trying to scratch or pick at it.  I guess this is a case where it truly looks worse than it is.

After telling one of my friends about this today, she pointed out that it could be roseola.  After reading up on it, it probably is- but maybe a milder version, since Cole doesn’t have the rash over his entire body, and only around his mouth and diaper area, is the rash red.  So maybe he does have roseola, and then the yeast infection on top of that as well- who knows anymore!

I am at my wits end with Cole getting, what seems like every illness!  He just gets better and then one day later he is down with something else.  Roseola says kids come down with it 10 days after they are exposed.  I don’t even remember what or where we even were, where he could have been exposed.

I am going to work with my friend who is an herbalist, in trying to build his immunity up. She mentioned that he may just need some more immune support, and when I told my boss today what was happening, she reminded me how weak babies this age immune systems can be. 

She said her nephew who is three now, was sick every week from the time he was 1 until he was 2.5- she said she wasn’t kidding. That made me feel a bit better, but I hope that is not in store for Cole.  This really bites, one sickness after another.



  1. goodness. that stinks!
    i think that we’ve had a lot more illness in our house since ava started preschool. i wonder if having ryan going to the farm and/or daycare might be the cause of some of this. there are just so many more germs that they are being exposed to now.
    i hope he’s doing better soon.

  2. Oh, Man! That does bite!!

    S had roseola this summer. He wasn’t too sick with it, but he was old to have had it so who knows!

    I’m sorry he’s so sick so often. I’ve known kids who were…and it just stinks!

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