Posted by: amamasblog | December 18, 2007

Cookies, Cookies, & More Cookies

I attended our annual cookie exchange on Sunday.  My sister started this, what we figured out, seven years ago.  We always have the “die-hard” people that attend practically every year, (unless they are sick, or working)  and then there are some people that have come off and on over the years, and there is always someone new, that someone else invites.  It is a nice chance to catch up with people, that I don’t see very often, and meet new people too.

My brother’s ex-girlfriend, C., hosted the party at her house this year, and it was a lot of fun!  C., and my sister worked really hard to make sure there was lots of snacks, wine, and oh yeah- sugar cookies to decorate.

We didn’t have as large of a turn-out as we have had in years past, but it gave us more room to work, and it was a nice chance to talk to people longer.  I always feel the need to talk to everyone at parties, so this gave me the chance to do that.  My 8 month-old niece also showed up for the last half, and I was thrilled I got to hold and play with her.

The exchange works like this: each person is asked to bring 3-dozen cookies that are already done, and ready to exchange.  Then at the party, sugar Christmas cookies are baked, and then the group sits and eats, drinks, and talks, while we decorate the sugar cookies.  We have really gotten this part down to a science- at the very first party, we actually tried to BAKE everything at once. I think that first party was like seven hours, because we all had to wait to use the oven. We even did this the next year, until my sister had the stroke of genius to figure out to have everyone bake their cookies BEFORE the party. 🙂

When all the sugar cookies have been decorated, all the yummy snacks are eaten, and the bottles of wine are gone- the party is over.  Then we all load up our containers, and plates with the cookies.  They make great gifts to give to co-workers, neighbors, friends, and people that you want to do something nice for.  I usually leave a big tin for our milkman and give a plate to our tenant as well.  This year, C. made some beautiful favors in holiday mugs, with candy, and I think I will end up giving that to one of Ryan’s teacher’s aides at pre-school. 

I love having some home-baked goodies to give to people on hand, and there is NO way I would have time to make all the different goodies that show up. I was up to 2am one night this week, working on my cookies as it was.  I decided to do something a little extra special this year, and made gingerbread snowflake cookies, with homemade lemon icing.  I have made these before a few years ago for my family, and it required me to purchase a pastry bag for the icing. I never used one prior to this, and haven’t since.  It makes me feel very Martha Stewart-ish. 

Joe was out of town all last week for work, and I wanted to start on them sooner, but I just knew, the moment I started decorating them, one of the boys would wake up, and then I’d be in a mess.  So I waited until Friday night, when Joe was home, to make and decorate all of the snowflake cookies in one session- whew!  I ended up with 4 dozen of them, and here they are: (drum roll please!)

pictures-017.jpg               pictures-016.jpg

The second picture are of my two favorites.  I intended to do a different design on each cookie, but after about half an hour into designing them, I was running out of ideas, and started to repeat the designs I really liked.  Still, no two were the same. 

On Saturday night, I made two batches of toffee, one with nuts, and one without. I think that is my favorite- it is so good, and so easy!

I was really happy everyone at the party liked the gingerbread cookies, and I hope whomever ends up with my snowflake cookies enjoys eating them too. 



  1. that’s such a neat idea and sounds like so much fun. love your snowflakes. they are gorgeous!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! And it really makes me wish I’d done cookies this year at all. Your snowflakes are beautiful!

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