Posted by: amamasblog | January 21, 2008

Alzheimer’s of the Mommy Kind

My sister got Cole and Ryan some amazing art supplies for Christmas.  Basically, the entire kiddie art section at Target, twice- one of everything for BOTH boys.  Ryan has already painted once a few weeks ago, and while I was cleaning and organizing their gifts, I put these supplies (nice, thick, painting paper too) away, where I’d remember where they were (yeah, right).  So today, it is only 10 degrees out, and the boys are going stir crazy.  This was a perfect time to pull out the art supplies and start painting, coloring, and using the cool glitter pens.

After getting every square inch of the table and floor covered with newspaper, it was time to get the supplies out.  But where oh where, did I put them?  I found Ryan’s paint box on top of the refrigerator, but where is everything else?  You wouldn’t think an entire big box of art supplies, and a giant pad of paper would be so hard to find.   What is worse, is I KNOW I saw the pad of paper just a few days ago, when I was putting something else away.  But alas, I can’t find them for the life of me, and it is driving me nuts!  I have checked every place that I normally stash stuff like that, twice.  This is from someone who everyone used to tell (before I had kids) that I had a memory like an elephant.  Meanwhile, I have Ryan not whining, but constantly asking, “When can we paint, Mommy?” and Cole getting more and more frustrated as he sees his older brother with his paint, but none for him.

I think it is official- I have Alzheimer’s.  Note to self (and any other mommy’s out there, who may be facing the same thing): make sure you find the art supplies, or toys, or books, BEFORE you tell your 4 year-old and 19 month-old that they get to do the activity.  It is hard enough not being able to find the item, but at least you won’t have to deal with the disappointment, and the 4 year-old’s round of twenty questions like, “Why can’t you find them Mommy?  Where did the paint go?  Now what are we going to do? Did you loose them? Are they gone for good?  Did someone come in and take them, Mommy?”

Yes, sweetie, someone did- and they took my memory too! 



  1. Oh, so sad!! I have those days too…the other day I couldn’t find my shoes.

    Did you ever find them?

  2. […] My Alzheimer’s is behind me!  I finally, finally, found the bag of art supplies I have been looking for now, for several weeks.  Were they in some obscure place?  Nope.  They were in a Dillard’s bag, in the front closet- the closet I have checked at least 20 times before.  Don’t know why I never found them before, or how I missed them, but I was very happy when I came across them yesterday.  I think what threw me was the Dillard’s bag.  I hardly ever shop at Dillard’s.  I can’t say when the last time I was there.  I don’t know where the bag even came from, so I think when I saw it, I figured it was something really, really, old in there- like clothes that need to be donated or something like that, and I just skipped right over it.  Now we’ll see if we get another snowy day, in which the boys could actually use the supplies before next winter.   […]

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