Posted by: amamasblog | January 27, 2008

Happy Blog-Day

A year ago today, I started A Mama’s Blog. Here is my first-ever post. 

I can’t believe how much Cole has grown in a year, from that first picture.  Here is an updated picture of him- he has really changed fom a baby into a little boy (despite me wanting him to stay a baby 🙂  )


I have really enjoyed blogging, and want to thank everyone who has left me comments and support over the last year.  It is so nice to know there are other mothers, friends, family, and people I have never met, who will contact me to share a similar experience to one that I have written about. 

As I wrote in the first post, I wanted a blog to preserve memories while my children are growing up.  During the last year, while writing, I realized that if Ryan and Cole read my posts someday, I also want them to have a sense of who I was as well, during their childhood. I want them to know what was important to me.  Sometimes I wonder how my mother raised four children, and I wonder- what were her high and low points?  I know she was passionate about nutrition and home-birth.  I want my sons to know while my first priority in life is being their mama, there are other aspects to me as well- some serious and some not-so-serious.

I wrote on a lot of different topics- some serious, and some not so.  It is interesting to see what kind of “traffic” certain posts get.  Over the last year, I am very happy that one of my highest traffic posts was on a subject that I feel passionate about-breastfeeding.  The post is Re-Using/Sharing Breastpumps.  I think this is an important topic, and there wasn’t a lot of information at the time all in one place about the possible health dangers of sharing breastpumps.  Based on the amount of people who have read this post in the last year, I like to think the post is helpful for people researching the subject.

Another one of my top posts was on a subject, obviously, a lot of people struggle with-in finding  birthday spots or ideas for Winter Birthday Parties.  I am amazed, because I only wrote that post about two months ago, but it is the third most read post on my blog. 

I never imagined the number one post on my blog would be the post I wrote about Car Family Stickers.  It was just one of those ideas that occurred to me that might make a funny-sarcastic post, on something that kind of bugged me.  Some of the comments I received, I ended up deleting, because they were rude and disrespectful! I never thought a post about bumper stickers would invoke such passionate feelings!  However, I did learn why some people like them. I really liked what Jim wrote in his comment, in that some people may just be proud to be part of a family-is that really so bad?  It made me think of them in a different perspective.  While I am still not a fan of car stickers, and would never put one on my car, I have to admit that I don’t dislike them as much for reasons people left comments about why they liked them.  The Ass Family, is still hilarious too!

I hope with posts like these, my boys will learn more about me- more than they could ever learn from just hearing me talk to them, or tell them what I am interested in. I know it will be many years, before I can even hope they will be at this level,  and even want to read anything I wrote, but a mother can dream can’t she? 

I hope everyone who reads my blog will continue to do so, and thank you to everyone who does.  If you have never left a comment, try coming out of the land of the lurking, and introduce yourself- I won’t bite.  🙂 

I am working on some exciting new changes for A Mama’s Blog, in the very near future, and some very special posts.  One of which I hope will help provide the information needed, and I’ll add, information that is not usually disclosed- before women make a life altering decision.  I have been working on this post for months, and hope to have it ready next week, so be sure to check in for that.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has made my first year of blogging so enjoyable- especially my two little boys- my life sure would be boring and incomplete without them.  🙂



  1. Happy Birthday A Mama’s Blog! I’ve had lots of fun checking in w/ you and finding out what’s going on w/ you and the boys. I love seeing everything that’s happening because we’re all so busy it’s great catching up!

    Keep it up! It’s great fun!

  2. happy blogiversary! i can’t believe it’s already been a year! i enjoy checking in on you and the boys and am glad you are writing.

    for the record, i still think the ass family sticker is hilarious too. it’s interesting and funny that a post about car stickers proved to be the most controversial thing.

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