Posted by: amamasblog | February 21, 2008

Cole Speaks!

Cole has been saying lots of single words just in the last week.  His favorite is “no.”  The other day I asked him if he could say “big bird,” and he tried, and it kind of sort of sounded like it, but probably only to me.  He is talking so much earlier than Ryan- I don’t think we got a word out of Ryan until he was almost two.  I am sure having a constant chatterbox around him, better known as big brother Ryan, doesn’t hurt.

On Wednesday night, we were having dinner at Joe’s parents house and we were discussing the eclipse.  We wanted to take the boys out to see it, but it was too cloudy.  We started talking about the moon.  On the drive home, when Cole looked out his window, he exclaimed, “Moon Mama!”  He was so happy to see the moon, and be able to communicate to us that he too, knew what the moon was, and what we had been discussing.

I’m not sure if I am ready to start hearing Cole talk so much.  He is so sweet with the little smiles and head shakes he gives.  On the other hand, his voice is just so cute, I smile everytime I hear it.  Guess we are moving into another stage, whether I am ready or not.



  1. awww. “moon, mama!” that is so sweet. 🙂

    julian seems to be the opposite of ava in that she was talking more by this age than he is, but he has a few words like doggy, utoh, bah (for ball) and they sound so cute coming out of his mouth.

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