Posted by: amamasblog | February 26, 2008

Ryan’s First Concert

Ryan participated in his first concert, if you could call it that today.  One of his preschool teachers has been teaching the kids songs all quarter.  Today was the last day of the winter quarter, and the parents were treated to a performance of all the kids singing.  It was so cute.  There were about 9 kids.  Three just walked off the “stage” altogether, while a few of the kids were too shy to sing, and just stood there, looking at their hands. 

Ryan was in a singing mood and stood up and sang for all of the songs.  Half way through one of the songs, Cole walked right up to him, and handed him a toy.  All the kids stopped singing to see what toy Cole handed to Ryan.  Guess Cole is still a little too young for the whole concert concept.  At any rate it was so neat to see him singing, and I just amazed how fast he is growing up. Isn’t this my little boy who wouldn’t udder a word to a stranger, let alone sing in front of a whole group of them, just a few months ago?  Pretty cool how he is blossoming out of his shy little self, and enjoying this new phase of his personality.  

Here is a picture of him singing, while doing a hand motion that went along with one of the songs.




  1. How fun! I agree – where did your baby go!? No one told me that it would go this fast!

  2. Oh he’s so cute! He’s so much fun now…he makes me feel better when I get sad that Maelin is growing up so fast because it seems like they just get cuter and cuter! I’m so glad he likes his school so much. He told me the other day that they sang songs and then fed the animals. Sounds like great fun!

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