Posted by: amamasblog | March 6, 2008

Vaccines, Autism, & Government Liability

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  1. Great post! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog!

  2. Glad you brought this up. I saw that case going on the news. Something has to be done to stop the immense amounts of vaccines given to such small babies. We never had this many when we were babies and we are all ok. My friend in NY told me her daughter who is 7 has shingles! She never had chicken pox (the only way you can get shingles is by having the virus dormant in your body), only the vax for chicken pox. I thought that vax was unnecessary, too and now I’m really sure of it. People need to be educated on supporting their immune systems and keeping the body pH more alkaline then no diseases of any kind can take hold.

  3. Great post! Vaccines are not benign for sure.

    The following article from the Simons Foundation website is also important information for prospective parents as a major factor in sporadic/non-familial autism:
    There has been a connection made between autism and schizophrenia in offspring of older fathers and maybe older mothers since 1980 and in the case of schizophrenia since 1955. No one is warned and paternal age keeps rising so that now most babies are born to fathers 35 and older. Ones 20s is the safest age to father babies from the research of the research that I have done. Of course everything is complex and some offspring are at much greater risk from late paternity than others. The Simons Foundation donates many millions to autism research.

  4. I think the most valuable point you raise here is that parents are responsible for managing the healthcare of their children. I am so regularly frustrated with parents who blindly follow their pediatricians’ recommendations. As they say, knowledge is power and I, for one, firmly believe that ignorance isn’t bliss but rather the absence of power.

  5. great post. i think parents need to be reminded to trust their instincts. if something doesn’t feel right for them or their child, it is likely for good reason.

    i’ll be curious to see if this opens the flood gates for other families to be compensated by the vaccine injury fund.

    i still want to read dr. sears vaccine book. from what i’ve heard, it sounds like he does a pretty balanced look at the vaxes and has suggestions for spreading them out.

  6. It was very interesting to read your messages.
    My Grandson now aged thirteen is autistic.
    He was damaged by M.M.R. vaccine as a baby.
    My daughter-in-law and son are finding him increasingly difficult to cope with now he is older and are regretably thinking of residential care.Where can we obtain financial help for him? The local council are looking into this but it always comes back to money

  7. Contstance if you are in the states, ask your local dhhr office about med waiver. Every state has mr/dd waiver, but differs from state to state. It pays for in home care or residential, no matter the parents income. Beware of long waiting lists, thats the one down fall. If its an emergency situation those are taken first. Hope this helped some.

  8. Great post, parents should be totally informed about immunizations. Parents get the onesided view about them, the doctors should have to tell of the side effects as well. Parents have to stay informed, knowing that their decisions are the best for their family.

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