Posted by: amamasblog | February 27, 2007

Vacation and Two New Teeth

Joe has a few days of vacation he has to take, before next month, so he is off for a few days this week.  I used to tell him, I wish I got a vacation and he told me when he gets a vacation, I get a vacation. 

He has been great!  He has gotten up with Ryan & Cole, while I slept in, made breakfast, done lots of laundry, fixed things around the house, and taken me out to dinner.  It has been really nice, and even though you never get a vacation as a mom, this has been the next best thing.  Thank you, honey.

In other exciting news, we are getting our carpet cleaned tomorrow.   We only have carpet upstairs in the bedrooms, hallway, and stairs.  We had new carpet put in a few years ago, and have never had it cleaned, so it was definitely time.  It will be nice to see it all clean again, but we have been moving furniture and trying to clean at the same time, so I will be glad when it is over.  We took down the co-sleeper, since Cole has never really used it. I think we are going to move the crib in our room tomorrow, and try to start working with him on sleeping in his crib, next to our bed. 

Finally, on Sunday, I felt Cole’s upper gum, and his two front teeth were breaking through.  They are about 1/4 of a way in today, so it won’t be long and my little baby will have two new teeth in.  🙂



  1. that’s awesome that joe let you have a bit of a vacation too. 🙂 jody is good about letting me sleep in most weekends and i’m soooo thankful.

  2. Sounds like a great vacation, as far as moms get vacations 🙂 Ahhhhh. Clean carpets! Do they look awesome!?

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